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WOD Challenge 02-07-21 Super Bowl Sunday

I just finished watching our church service and now I’m watching the Puppy Bowl Pre-game Show as I write this. Today’s Word of the Day Challenge word is “Bloom.”

Well, I can safely say nothing in my yard is blooming but the weeds, however, we are leaving them right now because I read somewhere that the honeybees need the weeds and their flowers for life-sustaining food and sustenance.

I am making sausage balls for the Super Bowl Party we are going to and yes, they contain almond flour, but no- they don’t contain yeast; another thing that blooms. In fact, they are very simple and today’s recipe uses our very own home made breakfast sausage, almond flour, eggs, and shredded cheddar cheese. Mix well, roll into balls and bake in the 375 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.

I long to plant some flowers or something but bad weather is in the forecast, so I am holding off. I priced some ornamental cabbage for my mailbox planters and they plus fill-in flowers were too expensive, another reason to wait a bit.

I hope you all have a terrific, safe, Superbowl Sunday and that your favorite team wins…as long as you pick the Chiefs. HAHA just kidding! 

Who has money riding on the game? Who could care less about the game? If we weren’t going to a party, I probably wouldn’t even care about it, but with a few friends I will happily support my pick and root loudly (especially if it irritates my opposition, lol) because that’s what makes it fun! 


3 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 02-07-21 Super Bowl Sunday

  1. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Hahaha…I like your comment about how you root for a team to irritate the other supporters. I watch Notre Dame football just to root for whomever they are playing. Used to live in South Bend and had some personal run in’s with their football players. The school soured me with the way they handled thungs.

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  2. Well, in this case, the party was very low-key and subdued. I think we were all rooting for the losing team unfortunately and everyone seemed tired. We had to go at halftime, so I missed the show, and then when we got home, Dave got called into work. ;( At least it wasn’t an all-nighter.


  3. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Ooooh how I hated getting called into work! My job at Rockwell in Ohio had a nasty “on call 24/7/365” unwritten clause in it. I was the main repair person for a high tech automated production line. Even after I wrote dozens of “how to’s” so the off-shift people could trouble shoot and fix things on their own, I STILL got calls from the lazy ones. I can understand that scenario very well.

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