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SoCS 02-06-21 Saturday Shenanigans

It’s a windy but sunny afternoon here and Linda has prompted us to talk about flags somewhere in our posts today, so here goes!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “flag.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

First off, let me share a pic I stole from Facebook demonstrating how windy it is here today. This is a pretty picture my friend Brooke took from our City Hall here in North Richland Hills. The flags are practically standing at attention in the stiff breeze. At least the temps are mild and I was out and about with Dave wearing only a sweater.

Coming home, I snapped a shot of a house that always has their flags out. The were flapping in the gusty winds as well.

Completely off topic, we had lunch at Cafe Medi and I am still stuffed 4 hours later! All I ate was some delicious hummus with warm pita bread and some gyro meat; a mixture of beef 🥩 and lamb 🐑. Yummy 😋

Dave bought the supplies need to mend and repaint our broken patio chairs, but that project will have to wait for a less windy day. I got some new dabbers for doing my Diamond Art and my fingers are itching to get to it. I’m working on an underwater scene that should be pretty when complete! The dabbers have ergonomic grips, so it should make the work more comfortable.

I almost bought a garden chair/kneeler bench kind of thing, but decided to wait. I really want the garden rocker that’s at Home Depot, and this bench thingy was at Lowe’s, but it was cheaper. I need to think on the pros and cons of each first before I decide.


Garden rocker

The leaves are blowing, Dave and the animals are napping, and Josh has a couple of friends over and they are playing pool. Maybe I can sneak in an hour at the craft table (aka my dining table) and watch an episode of Dig on Netflix. Wish me luck and enjoy your weekend folks!

Peace out!

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