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WOD Challenge 02-08-21 Internal

I think there is something going on with my internal organs. I have — let’s see how to put this delicately— had some gastric distress the past couple of days though I’m not sure why. I don’t ever take anything unless it becomes much worse, I just let it run its natural course.

Sorry my other post on the Super Bowl was late, I forgot to get a picture of my sausage balls and didn’t remember to do it until this morning. They were not the hit I’d hoped for, but then again, there was an enormous amount of food there. Ribs, corn casserole, sausage, potato salad, chips and dips, plus every kind of dessert you can think of except cheesecake. There was only about 10 people there. This was my view:

Gary built this nice fire pit wall that keeps you nice and toasty, even on cold nights. He also put up plastic around his outdoor patio which helped hold the heat in. That’s his ginormous dog, Chance, who was eating our rib bones like they were crackers! I’d hate to think what that does to his internal organs!! 

Peace out, y’all!


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