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WOD Challenge 03-08-21 Free Food!

OK, I have a lot to cover on this subject because who doesn’t like free???

Yesterday, we went to Sam’s and bought some things for family dinner. We were planning a meat fest, with our home made sausage, some brisket, ribs, and our home made boudin. We got to the register with our brisket and Dave had over 100 points to apply to our purchase, so our brisket was free!!!

Later, he had to go back, so he bought 2 pork shoulder roasts for making sausage in the future because they were on sale, so guess what? He still had so many points to apply that those were also free!!!

Every week on Fridays if I’m well, I volunteer at Mission Central Food Pantry where we unload a truck of donations of food to give for free to the less fortunate in the HEB area. Let me know if you live in the area and need this service, I will give you the details. Once a month, there is also a mobile food pantry at my church, and that happens to be this Friday, but I will still work at Mission Central because my co-workers depend on me. There are only a few of us to unload massive amounts of dry goods, produce, and frozen goods. If you would like to help, or know someone who would, let me know.

I have many apps that let me scan products or receipts in exchange for cash or free gift cards!! Shopkick, Fetch Rewards, 5Miles, Ibotta, and Field Agent all have some kind of incentive program. I have tested these and can verify that they work. What is easier than doing a survey, or scanning products, or receipts to trade for cash and/or gift cards to Amazon or something else??

What I do not like is free-with-a-catch type of scams. I get sucked into those all the time looking for freebies.

Sometimes, I get free stuff from places I frequent for my birthday! Like, Chilis offered me a free dessert next time I come-but since I can’t eat that, I won’t be taking them up on that one. I used to get free or discount offers from Ulta or Victoria Secret, now I get discounts from Zales sometimes when it’s close to Christmas.

What about you? Do you like free stuff and do you know how to get it? What are your favorite cash-back or other freebie apps that you can share?


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