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WOD Challenge 03-17-21 A “Snort” of Whiskey

Photo credit: Unsplash

The theme for the day must be whiskey, as in “a snort of whiskey” or like the poem I just wrote over on Medium about my dog Whiskey being named after the drink.

I tried to provide the reason why and where the saying “a snort of whiskey” came from, but all my research proved non-conclusive, except that it seemed to originate in the 1800’s. I read a seriously long account of the origin of the drink, actually, I skimmed it, yet never saw a reference to a snort anywhere.

As far as my dog named Whiskey, she does a lot of snorting, especially when I’ve been out and she is greeting me. She runs down the hall, snorting, sneezing, and sort of snuffling all at the same time. I’ve nicknamed her “Snuffulufficus” after the Sesame Street character, because that’s what she sounds like when she does that.

Well, that’s all I have on the subject today, except to say you will NEVER see me having a snort of whiskey because I abhor the taste and the smell! Besides, my alcohol indulgence doesn’t need one more type added to the roster, thank you! 😉

PS: If you want to see the poem I wrote on Medium, you’ll have to wait until later tonight or maybe tomorrow when it gets published, however, I’ll provide you with my personal link, so you can check it out whenever. Look for it here!

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