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#A to Z Challenge 04-10-21 Jersey’s Obscure Ice Cream Treat

For you ice cream purists, you may think this New Jersey creamery has lost it’s ever loving mind!

But for lovers of the Taylor ham (or pork roll as some call it) the confection is an “Only in Jersey” sweet treat.

photo credit: Gastro Obscura by Tony Mangia

Made at the Cow’s Brow Creamery, this “tayham” treat starts with 2 1/2 pounds of the beloved state sandwich filler that, once caramelized, baked, pan-fried, and tossed in cinnamon-sugar forms the salty spine of the fresh ice cream. Along with the base of cream and egg custard, the staff mixes in local maple syrup and chewy challah bread, resulting in a breakfast of ham, and French toast, in a single scoop.

Used with permission by Atlas Obscura
Windy Brow Farms

The sweet and salty treat is only available during certain times, so check to be sure before visiting the creamery. Along with other regional favorites such as sweet corn and honey, cranberry creamsicle, and tomato pie, this line-up is going to be rotated along with the special pork roll ice cream as part of the summer offering.

If you go, check the Windy Brow Farm website for summer hours before you head out.

The Cow’s Brow Creamery is located at 359 Ridge Rd. Fredon Township, New Jersey, 07860.

Curious minds want to know: What is the J food? Well, I had a hard time with that one, so Jersey is what I came up with, besides, I just had to share this crazy ice cream flavor!


6 thoughts on “#A to Z Challenge 04-10-21 Jersey’s Obscure Ice Cream Treat

  1. I’m going to have to fast longer for the imagery foods I’m eating! Though meat in ice cream doesn’t work for me, the sweet/salty appeals. I love to dip salty fries in my shakes or ice cream. Yeah, not allowed 😥 Still, a girl can dream!

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    • Make your own Ice cream (so many recipes on Pinterest, even without an Ice cream maker, and then you can!! I just bought a special deal last night-5 keto cookbooks for $6.99 and I had enough in my Paypal account, I just used that! Now I have 5-ingredient recipes, 30-minute recipes, slow cooker recipes, air fryer and instapot recipes-all keto!!!
      I’m glad you are enjoying my food posts, they are so much fun to write, just kind of a pain with the block editor. 😦

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