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WOD Challenge 04-11-21 A Perfect Long Weekend

What a memorable weekend this has been, as we participated in the festivities known as Bass Camp in Lake Fork.

Our lodging for the weekend with Dave’s brother and wife

Fabulous hosts, cooks, fishermen, singers, and just altogether interesting people gathered to fish, eat mouthwatering food, sing and visit around the campfire, play games, and even follow the golf tournament on a camper’s outdoor tv.

Some of the earlier guests gathered at Gary’s RV to watch the tourney

This gathering may not appeal to everyone, but we feel very close to these people, and we meet more of them each time we attend. This weekend was no different. Welcome Ginger and Miles to your new home at the point on Lake Fork! I’m so envious, and y’all are going to be so happy there. I hope one day we find a place just as cool so we can be neighbors!

The weather was fickle, but the fish were biting as we fished from the dock one afternoon

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the new couple, or their cute little fluff balls, but I’m hoping someone else did and I’ll share it later. Honestly, I didn’t get many pictures of people, because I was, and have been, so amazed by the beauty of this place.

Looking down the lake from my spot on the dock

I wish I could have captured the sparkles as they danced off the water, mesmerizing me as I watched my bobber wiggle on the ripples caused by the on again off again breeze.

My biggest catch was this nice cat
Connie’s fish, a sand bass, was a first for her of that species
The area where food is prepped and sometimes consumed
Dennis’s setup-he smokes the meat and does the fabulous crawfish boil on the last night

I ate so much good food, I gained another two pounds! Worth it. I will just have to work that much harder to get it off, but it was so relaxing to eat whatever I wanted and enjoy it.

Came out blurry, but this is Chuck and my hubby, Dave

The campfire was not only beautiful but necessary, the nights were very cool. After the meals, this is the favorite hangout place. Special packets were tossed in last night.

Music provided by pals Mike and Tim was welcome and appreciated by all!

Last night capped off the weekend with conversation and music around the campfire as we all told stories and sang along as best we could. Yes, there was drinking, but no one got rowdy or caused any trouble. This is a responsible group.

This morning, it was hard to leave after having such a good time, but we thanked our hosts and offered to help clean up before we left. It wasn’t required, so we were off. The wildflowers on the ride home were spectacular, but I only managed to snap a quick shot of and abundance of bluebonnets.

My son’s comment was to clean the windshield 🤣

I hope you’ve enjoyed my recap of our fun long weekend at Lake Fork in Yantis, Texas. Stay tune for tomorrow’s #A to Z Challenge post. You’re going to love it!

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4 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 04-11-21 A Perfect Long Weekend

  1. Oh, I’m so jealous! That looks like so much fun! My characters in my books often enjoy camping and campfire singing. And now that I’m eating salmon, other fish are okay. And what beauties you and Connie caught.

    Oh, I’m reading your blog out of order so my Aussie comments seem weird now.

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