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WOD Challenge 06-01-21 Borborygmus Belly

I’m sure this is TMI, but yesterday, between nerves, stress, and the previous night’s bad beverage choice, I had quite the borborygmus belly!

To say I had gastric distress was an understatement, but nothing can match food poisoning like my brother had Friday and Saturday from a bad experience at a local seafood restaurant. He swears that something was wrong with the vegetables they served him, but I’m not sure he didn’t have Montezuma’s Revenge since he recently returned from a pastor’s conference in Mexico.

We are both better today!

My hubby…not so much. His is still roiling and rumbling and neither of us know why! Might be time for a gut-wrenching talk with his doctor! 🤣🤣 I crack myself up.

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