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WOD Challenge 05-31-21 The Gush Moments?

First off, Happy Memorial Day! Let us never forget those who died defending our country!

Now for the word of the day which only brings to mind immediately that new stupid commercial about the “gush” moments. How disgusting are commercials getting these days?? Do we really need to hear about women and their period problems, especially at dinner time? Or what about “Down there care”??? I’m appalled that the state of things has gotten this bad. We all know these things without having some advertiser pimping his products shoving it in our faces! And then there’s one with women shaving their bikini area, like that’s something we all need to watch. Ok, rant over.

I’m a little grumpy this weekend, folks. Sorry about that. It’s been a difficult and scary weekend with my dad, and I’m afraid we may have to make some hard decisions very soon. We had entertained the idea of going out of town and now I’m so glad we didn’t. Dad was put on a new medication to try to tame his tremors. What it did was cause him to become a zombie. Then, Friday, he fell again. That hasn’t happened for a couple or three years. I’m torn between being angry at the doctor for prescribing it, and myself for letting it happen. We were doing just fine on the CBD, yet the doctor claimed this worked like a miracle for some other guy. Well, not my dad. it has taken all weekend to get it out of his system, thank God he didn’t suffer any broken bones, but he did hit his head and scratched up his right arm. We have been watching him like a hawk (some of us anyway) and that brings me to another difficult decision. If someone doesn’t start helping carry the load, he may soon find himself on the street looking for alternate housing!! Someone nearing forty but acting 16 is not what I need right now. Anyway, the medication that almost did Dad in was called Clonazepam or Klonopin. Dad never should have been on something like that. Stopping the tremor is not worth turning my dad into a non-functional human being. On top of all that, the drug is highly addictive, but thank goodness he only had a full dose one day and half a dose the next. I yanked him off immediately after the fall and took it away, out of the house. I told him three times, no more of those pills! And at 1:30am on Saturday morning he was slapping the counter (asking in his way) where’s my pills? I had to tell him again, “Dad. We are not taking those anymore, they made you fall.” He is still angry because I think he knows things are about to change. I don’t know if it means I hire a part-time caregiver, look for one through his healthcare options, or have him move in with me. There is much I’m not saying because it’s private, but just to be clear, he needs more help than we all can give him right now. Say a prayer for us that we find a peaceful resolution that works for all of us as we enter a new phase in his care.

I think today we will chill out and make some sausage, maybe Dad would enjoy coming over and watching the process. 🙂

I’ll keep you posted. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

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7 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 05-31-21 The Gush Moments?

  1. Holy crap, many years ago I cannot even remember why my neurologist wanted me to take it but he prescribed Klonopin to me. I think it was to be a muscle relaxer. I think her back was giving me spasms or something. This was the late 90s! I took one pill that night and I did not like the way it made me feel (like a zombie) and my muscles would not let me do anything. I cannot believe they still get that out. It is a scary medicine! Praying for you all!.

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    • Thank you! I’m so sorry that happened to you! Yes, it also seems to have caused excess urinating, which is causing other problems. I hope it all resolves soon. What a dismal day it turned out to be. At least we had a long enough break to go eat lunch with Kevin and Dad. My first time to our Babes! Delicious cheat!


    • He is somewhat better, thank you! He even played a couple of games of pool with me yesterday, even though it’s increasingly difficult for him to make a shot, he can still whoop my butt at times!


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