Writing Prompts

Prayer Works!

Thank you all for the good vibes and prayers!

My article has been published!! You can view it here!

All I ask is your honest feedback and if you like it, click the heart and let me know!

I appreciate you and watch for more articles in the future after I spiff up my profile a bit and read more articles from the community. It won’t always be this subject, or even this community, but you can bet I’ll be submitting again!


4 thoughts on “Prayer Works!

  1. So I finally got the whole article read, anymore if anything is more than a short paragraph my focus loses the spot. It is frustrating, but I will not let that make me stop reading as it just takes me a little longer. I think that is why I even had trouble writing my blog.

    I tried to click on the heart and signed into vocal. I did the password and all that jazz, and in and took me to a blank screen, ugh! Maybe I will try again in a bit.

    Your article was awesome. I go to see my cardiologist again this coming Fri. and I will mention to him if he thinks with the medication that I am taking if I can take a little of these gummys like your dad especially when I sleep. I am having a really difficult time sleeping because I get spasms in my legs and they keep me from sleeping. We will talk more on Mon. I will have Christina read your article as well.

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