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WOD Challenge 06-10-21 Achieving Success

Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful, sunny day here and I am filled with hope and optimism!

I recently found a new platform within Medium called Vocal. I worked for quite a while yesterday, crafting an article for submission to their publication, only to have it flagged for edits. That’s good news, because it means it wasn’t rejected, it just needed some tweaking.

This morning, I worked on it some more, in hopes it will be accepted for publication. This is a paying platform, so please send me good thoughts and prayers that it is accepted and I will be achieving success with it. The article is about CBD and CBD+Delta-8. I made these mistakes: inappropriate links. So, I took them out, improved my writing in general, and had difficulty obtaining my word count and removing some formatting numbers I accidently put in there (I don’t know how that happened.)

On this platform, you can get tips and also, you get paid by the amount of reads the article gets. If I share the article on social media, for example (assuming it gets published), those who read it have the option to tip me as well!! This is so exciting. I hope everything turns out well, I make a little cash, so I can return the favor and tip other writers in the community who have stories I like as well.

Wish me luck, and if anyone else here wants to try their hand on Vocal, go to Vocal.media.com and read their community guidelines thoroughly!! They have a support team as well, I was just too impatient to wait for an answer and resubmitted my article this morning. I’m hoping they saw my support request and understand that I could not for the life of me figure out how to remove the numbers, because their editor doesn’t work like Medium’s does. Pray my word count was over 600+ because I could not get it to read my word count either like I can on Medium. Why can’t they be the same??

Anyway, I’m soon to be off to Dad’s for lunch and to take him for a proper shave with our favorite barber. I tried to shave him twice, my brother tried again, and we both failed to shave him clean. He has a very course beard, and, of course, 87-yr-old skin that I don’t want to nick or cut. Ken, my hubby’s barber, is an expert in that area. He shaves with a straight razor like nobody’s business!

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