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WOD Challenge 09-11-21 Emphasis

A letter to my son and brother this morning:

Dad got up at 5am, I’m lucky I can hear the doggie door, because I put the cat up last night. Thank God for my sensitive ears, because this alerted me that Dad was up.
Dad was sitting on the pot, naked, trying to put his undergarment on. 🤬
The bed was totally soaked, because he went to bed early and wouldn’t let me change his diaper to a nighttime one.
While on one hand, I’m thankful he didn’t fall, but I’m so pissed that he did all that by himself and he easily could have. And I’m mad about the bed because the room is going to start smelling like pee if this keeps happening.
Dave got up as I was getting him in the chair and I was about to tell him off, but he stopped me, thank God.
I’m still shaking because I’m upset. I DID tell Dad he is taking the bell to bed tonight and is to ring it in the morning when he gets up.
Sorry, but I had to vent to someone before I explode 🤯

Then there was breakfast cooking, cleaning it all up, give Dad a shower and a proper shave, mop the kitchen, washed the clothes and the bedding and remake the bed. What a morning already!!!!

This was all done before 10am!! I’m glad every morning isn’t quite this bad, but every morning many of these same things are done. Caregiving is a full-time job, emphasis on JOB!! I’m worn out every day by lunch. But there is no rest.

Kevin came over and gave us a break so we could get out. Dave took me for a much-needed massage…that was the best massage I’ve ever had! Then we went to Mi Pueblo for lunch and a margarita, and ran to the mall so Dave could get some more work clothes. He found two pair of chinos and three shirts, plus we got Dad a new set of shorty pjs! what a find, i can never find him shorty pajamas!

When we got home I rested a while and let Kevin tend to Dad, then I got up and washed all the new clothes. Unloaded and reloaded the dish and made banana bread with the ripe bananas Kevin brought over. The house smells so wonderful, I may have to sneak a taste. 😛

Now we are watching The Grapes of Wrath. Praying for a good night, my headache to go away, and a less eventful morning!

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