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WOD Challenge-11-12-19-Utterly

Word of the Day Challenge


I am utterly surprised and proud of myself that I have been writing for 12 days in a row, I am right on schedule, and I fixed the issue with the word count!! Seems all I had to do was sign out, change my password and sign back in! Now everything is good, my word count is being displayed properly and today’s total stands at 19,198!! Now, if my right shoulder would just stop aching, I would be in business, lol. Maybe after moving my location to the couch with the laptop comfortably in reach (it’s in my lap on a lapboard) it won’t hurt tomorrow. We will see.

How is everyone else doing that is participating in NaNoWriMo? I hope it’s going swimmingly!

It is super cold here this morning, at 6am it was 23 degrees. At least we have sunshine today, yea!! I must get out of the house today and run a few errands, I’m not looking forward to that, but I can do it.

Say a prayer for my youngest, he has been diagnosed with a case of strep and the flu at the same time!! Poor guy works too hard is the problem!! He needs to rest and now unfortunately, he is forced to. He is too old for Mama to take care of, but his girl Becky is doing a stand-up job from what I hear. Thank you Becky!!! Thankfully, she was off yesterday and got him to the clinic where he was given medication. He would have never gone on his own, he said he hurt so bad he literally couldn’t move!

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WOD Challenge-09-17-19-Native

Word of the Day Challenge

Can it be said that I am a native of Texas just because I’ve lived here most of my life, or do I have to have been born here?

I feel like a native, have grown accustomed to this climate, language, culture, and of course we can find any kind of food we want here, yet we especially love Mexican food.

I have lived in this same area of Texas since I was seven, I was born in Mississippi and claim it as my home, so much of my extended family lives there, but I can’t imagine ever leaving Texas. The place we dreamed of retiring to is here, albeit on the coast, although I could probably make my home by any beach if the truth be known.

I’m sure I’m missing other interesting states, I have not visited very many, yet I strongly believe that even if I did, I would always feel like coming back home to Texas.


On a different note, I’m at home recovering from my knee surgery so I want to apologize to all my blogger buddies that I haven’t read or commented on their blogs until today. Since I had the surgery Friday, I have been rather lethargic and weak, uninterested in much but sitting on the couch with ice on my knee for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off. I took the prescription pain pills as instructed through the weekend, then yesterday had the worst headache ALL DAY LONG! Suffice it to say, I’m done with those! I’ll take Ibuprofen if I need something until I’m better and the swelling is gone.

Good news is I’m walking (gingerly) without the aide of crutches, I was given no instructions or estimates of full recovery, I have an appointment for Thursday next week to get the stitches out and see my pictures of what he did. I hope I’m driving by then! While I hate feeling like a prisoner in my own home, it forces me to take it easy and not overdo anything. I’m hoping I feel up to some housework today or tomorrow, I’ve done laundry and kept the sink clean, that’s about it. Thank God David is the best husband, caretaker, and friend a girl could have. He takes care of most of the housework, cooking, and me when I’m down like this. Some ladies don’t have it so good, I realize how blessed I am!!

Luckily, I can blog from my iPad, although I prefer my laptop, it gets hot if I try to do it on my actual lap, and I don’t think I can get up in the dining room chair right now with my knee in this shape. Besides, after the all day headache, I am quiet wiped out and feeling like a limp rag, so I doubt I’ll get much done today, but I’ll try! I have coloring pages that need to be turned in, and a bunch of new yarn and a borrowed pattern book that’s calling my name. Wish me luck, and I’ll keep y’all posted! Happy Tuesday 😊



WOD Challenge-09-11-19-Spicy

Word of the Day Challenge

Good morning everyone! Sorry I have been absent for a few days, I have been doing a bit of “Spring cleaning” albeit late! We have acquired some new furniture and other items from Dave’s mom’s estate and I have been trying to make a place for everything, while cleaning out some of our unwanted items in the process.

Yesterday, I took a trip down memory lane when I opened a box that was full of kitchen stuff we had in our house in Alvarado! That was more than 10 years ago! Well, it was a shoebox, but still! There were all sorts of pictures, mostly Christmas ones from friends and family that share their holiday portraits as a Christmas card, magnets that used to cover our fridge-probably from many fridge’s ago, junk drawer items…you name it! Pens, pencils, my old guitar capo, a package of emergency ponchos, glue sticks, and correction tape. Good grief, how is it still hard for me to toss this stuff? I’ll probably wait until the kids can look through it before I do.

I had to clean the office a bit, it was becoming a catch-all and I really need it to become the OFFICE again, lol! We need to get rid of the twin bed we stuck in there-just in case-and make room for me to have a “proper” desk…I’m tired of writing at the dining table! Then I had to clean out the old buffet, and some storage cabinets to make room for a different buffet. Whew, I’m tired all over again just thinking about it!

Well, as some of you know, my long-awaited knee surgery is coming up on Friday, I might be absent again, depending on the time it takes to recover. I appreciate your patience and prayers as I get through this next (and hopefully last) surgery for awhile! In the meantime, I have to go get a physical tomorrow and then the surgery center might possibly want me to have pre-op…maybe they will take the bloodwork from the physical-we’ll see. Tomorrow evening is our usual “date night dinner,” I’ll be looking forward to something spicy!

Today is my visit with Dad, we will have lunch and play some pool, and speaking of pool, my swimming pool is getting quite cool, even though the temperature outside is still hot, the nights are cooling down and the days are getting shorter. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday…ciao for now!

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WOD-07-22-19-Sting (An Update)

Dee bring us the Word of the Day Challenge today and the prompt is Sting.

An Update

SHAYNA TAKE for Unsplash

The doctor’s words were definitely not what I wanted to hear. They stung as well as my eyes when I teared up at the news that although they put me in a so-called walking boot, I am not to bear weight on it for 6-8 weeks. That means no driving, no work, no pool, no helping anyone, and depending on my husband to help me. I’m not a happy camper right now, but as my hubby says, “It is what it is.”

Knee surgery is postponed, worker’s comp case is postponed, because I can’t do my therapy right now.

At times like these it is hard to look on the bright side and easy to find the blame or feel guilty for winding up in this position. Why, for instance did this happen. Why did I walk into a dark room and adjust the temperature instead of turning on the light? Why didn’t I pick up the dog’s bones, toys, etc. before going to bed? Never mind that I’ve done it a hundred times with no consequence, but the fact that I was already injured probably didn’t help matters.

I will use this time to write more, and I’m taking a free editing class that C. Hope Clark recommended in her newsletter. I’m so exited, I want to add editing as a service I can offer so this is fortunate! The class is a teaser for the Master Class which will cost money I can’t afford right now, yet there is lots of useful info that will help me I’m sure! Diving right in today! Why wait, got all the time now.

Of course, I have lots of other writing projects as well, so I will make the time for those too.

I of course feel blessed to have a caring husband, friends, and family-they all keep me uplifted and positive, even when I’m down on myself. I appreciate my husband so much, he was already overwhelmed and I just add more to his plate with my situation. Like my son just said, when it rains it pours.

Appreciate your circumstances, they can change in an instant!

Happy Monday!