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WOD Challenge 09-16-21 Festival of Lights

I have never been to Ft Worth’s annual Festival of Lights that happens near Christmas every year, which used to be free to everyone.

Sadly, this year, when the opportunity to go is probably high, now we would have to pay for a ticket. What is happening to this world?!!

Did COVID woes affect the city so much that they now have to charge to simply drive through the city to see the pretty lights and decorations? I just don’t get it.

My bad, I just looked at the schedule, and I see there are seats for purchase, yet the sidewalks around the parade route are free with a few exceptions. I guess I never realized it is a parade, and that is why they are charging for viewing from a seat. In addition, seniors 60 and older can get discounted tickets and family packs are also available for a discount. I will include a link to the page explaining all this and where to buy tickets for any locals who would like to go. I guess they have always charged for the event.

So basically, it’s called the Parade of Lights, I thought it was called the Festival of Lights. Or maybe that’s a different thing. I feel like that character on SNL that always gets the words wrong, then goes on a rant about it. Remember, it was played by Gilda Radner? Anyway…

We tried to take Dad around to see the lights just driving through downtown, but we were too late, and most of the lights and decorations were already down. I don’t know if we will try to go to the parade if it’s cold outside, I don’t think sitting outside in the cold would be Dad’s cup of tea.

Today, Dave and I are taking him to his ENT to see why he can’t hear us. He has an earwax buildup problem occasionally, so I want him to get checked out for that. Otherwise, his hearing aids may need a tune-up. I’m grateful Dave is coming to help me, but I hate that he has to lose time from work right now, they are shorthanded.

Last night I made my delicious, but high fat pudding, so Dad wouldn’t choke taking his pills. He didn’t get the concept and tried to chew the first spoonful I gave him. UGH!! I kept saying, “No, swallow it whole, Dad!” but he was having trouble with it. He did the same thing this morning with one that wasn’t a capsule, omg, that must have tasted horrible!! I kept saying the same thing, but he just gives me that blank look like he doesn’t comprehend what I’m saying. Finally, he swallowed the next one whole, so I hope he’s got it now.

I need to be more diligent with the getting up to go to the bathroom trips on the hour, because he was soaked again this morning, but yesterday, he was dry. I can’t seem to figure out what the pattern needs to be. I can’t just take away his fluids at 6pm, the nurse said to keep him hydrated or he will get a UTI, and the OT says cut his liquids off. UGH! So I guess the answer is just frequent bathroom trips, even if he objects. I am so tired of doing daily laundry.

His OT is coming today around noon, so unless she can change her schedule, we need to hurry up with his appointment. I did tell her his appt. time is 11:15, so we should be back in time, but if Dave wants to try and take him to lunch, I’ll need to ask her to reschedule.

Such is life in my world. I hope you all have a great day!!

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4 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 09-16-21 Festival of Lights

  1. Wow. I’m tired just reading about your days.

    My dog is less than 20 pounds. She is old. I have to get her up a few times a night. She won’t take pills. I can’t imagine a human I love in this position.

    So here’s the words I say to me, and implied under thought is heartbreaking: “This, too, will come to pass.” And aren’t I lucky to have fun moments in my day with my beloved (dog in my case)?

    I hope there’s a way you can take your dad to see the lights. Maybe there’s a way to stay in your car with the heater on?
    Sending strength and warm hugs.

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