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A Turkey Mystery

Dave was tasked with cooking turkey(s) for his Thanksgiving dinner at work. he got up early and put the (mostly) thawed turkeys 🦃 in the oven, they were per-fried from Popeye’s, but must be heated for a couple of hours. He put them in around 5am and checked them around 7:15…not done. Will they cook by the time he needs to go to work? I’ll keep you posted.

In other news, i have been up since 3am, unable to sleep because my mind wont shut up, the blue light on the tv was annoying, and Dave was snoring. I came in the living room to try and go back to sleep, to no avail.

I thought my worries would be over once we got Dad in a safe place, but no. I know it’s only been a couple of days, but the communication between the staff and the owner seems to need improvement. For example, no one told the staff that Dad was recovering from broken ribs, or put his hearing aids in when he got up yesterday, even though i told them all that when we brought him in. I realize it will take a week or so for them all to get to know each other, so i made a list this morning of things Dad likes and dislikes. Maybe that will help the staff get to know him better. I also realize they have to deal with 10 other people besides Dad, so they have a routine they follow. Still, every individual is different. Dad kept trying to call me yesterday, even though he can’t text or speak. No one knew what to do. I just told them to tell him we would visit again today, but no one called me to say if that calmed him down. So I worried. My family tells me it doesn’t matter, calm down, he’s in a safe place. But I can’t help the way I feel if I think he is in distress about something.

I know I have control issues and anxiety issues and I’m trying to get a handle on it. I worry too much. I have to get back to my life. But it’s hard and will take time. The holidays will be hard for me. I don’t know how they will be handled and I can’t even think about Christmas right now. All I can do is keep praying things will work themselves out and remember that God is in control. ☺️


6 thoughts on “A Turkey Mystery

  1. “I know I have control issues and anxiety issues and I’m trying to get a handle on it. I worry too much.”

    I have this feeling you will continue to worry unless your father is back in your care. Really, I have to be honest . . . I KNOW I’d be this way about my mom. I’d worry endlessly no matter where she’d be. My mom has already stated she wants to be in a residential facility or senior care location when that time comes. I KNOW I’m going to have sleepless nights ahead of me. Hang in there, Kim. I truly hope it all works out for you and for your dad.

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    • Because he needs more help than I can give him here at my house. The staff is 24/7 at the house where he is now, and he gets therapy, and they will work with him to get him to eat, they have cameras and alarms to make sure he can’t fall out of bed. We visit almost every day, all at a very fair price. Once his VA benefits start coming, they will help pay the rent of the home. I am very small, and unfortunately, it’s already been proven that if he falls, I can’t catch him or pick him up. I feel awful that I can’t do it all here, but this is the next best alternative. 🤗

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