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Crunchy Treats W.O.T.D. 12-13-21

My stomach is still not right as I struggle to get through each day with this virus. Between the extra pills and vitamins, my ACV gummies, or just what I feel like eating, it is still acting up.

I’m not hungry. I make myself eat something to be able to take the pills.

So, anyway today Dave tested negative (that’s 5 days after taking the monoclonal antibodies) and asked me if I wanted some lunch from out. Of course, I picked my new favorite delicious crunchy treats from Chick Fil A, a southwest salad and a peppermint shake. The shake has bits of crushed peppermint and chocolate chips! Mmmmmmm. 😋

It was good, but I fill up really fast right now, so I only ate half the salad, but was a piggy and drank almost the entire shake. I’d love to say that helped my tummy but no…

Still, it was so delicious and comforting. I never lost my sense of taste or smell, but things tasted weird. Now, my taste seems back to normal, and hopefully soon my appetite will be too! PS: the salad fed me twice!


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