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Weak, But Hanging Strong

Photo credit: Unsplash

When this all started, I was one hundred and ten

With all the past stress, I had grown pretty thin

Now with the virus, and not feeling so great

I woke up real weak, down to one hundred and eight

Resting more than usual, has my bones on fire

My breath barely a whiffle, as I lay here so tired

As if my tummy being shrunk is not bad enough

Taking a plethora of vitamins is also real tough

Harsh on my stomach, they must be spread out

Otherwise, you know, they come right back out

Yesterday I thought I was over all this

Now it seems a few more days I will miss.

At least I am home, and my breathing is good

Not in the hospital, under a hood

Thank God for prayers, and blessings like that

I might be down for a while, but not tossing in my hat.

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9 thoughts on “Weak, But Hanging Strong

  1. You still got the skills for the poetry of rhymes, that was really good! You did an awesome job. That is awesome to hear that your breathing is not affected. I am definitely praying though.. My heart has calm down since last night and is still doing good, and little high 100. I have my charted my doctor again so hopefully I will hear from him tomorrow or Tues. I think that dad is more worried about us going this weekend to Tulsa for Christmas. I bet the doctor write me a new Rx to take more of the heart rate medicine, but I am sure he is going to want to see me to or a his nurse practitioner if he is not there. We shall see!

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    • Oh! I thought you were going THIS weekend. I know you will get it under control. I wish I could recommend a safe CBD product for you in case your worrying is causing your heart rate to jump around. Believe me, you mind can drive your body to do some very strange things. Try to put it out of your mind and focus on something else. Watch a movie, or read (listen) to a good book.
      I watched (dozed) through the Cowboys game and now I’m watching figure skating 🤗
      I’m praying for you 🙏 Hugs and kisses! 🥰


      • This weekend dad, Christina and I are going to go see a close friend of mine graduate from OSU. We were only going to stay in Norman for one night. But that got canceled, ugh! Then this coming weekend is Tulsa for family Christmas. Christina will be here in a little bit and I think that we are going to watch Christmas vacation with some skinny Pop! I got a new kind of skinny Pop that is Why Chocolate Peppermintl: kettle corn. It is so good! I got it on Amazon! A friend of mine on FB posted about it and how amazing it was! I have been listening to a really good book and I also have several recommended books that I have already gotten (because I am not a fast listener a book well taking me a while so I have built up credits with these books so I do not have to pay because I have already paid). Those are really good ideas. Christina and I are still doing our Bible reading and the podcast! As of right now we are on day 139!! I have also started reading Luke as I do every Dec for the past couple of years! Luke has 24 chapters so if you read a chapter a day from the 1st you will have read all about Jesus! I have made that might tradition! What is the picture that you are doing for diamond art right now?

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      • It’s nothing either one of us would like, kind of a house scene. I decided it will be a Christmas present for brother for helping so much with my Dad. I could not have handled the past three months without him!!
        Ooooh, I gotta try that Skinny Pop! I love white chocolate and my new comfort treat is the Peppermint shake at Chic fi Lay. 😋

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