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W.O.T.D 12-28-21 Feeling Bubbly

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Feelin Bubbly

I am feeling quite bubbly today, having almost closed all my circles on my Apple Watch. Those of you who have one know what I mean. Those that don’t, you have to do a certain amount of activity per day to close your circles. Every day I have been on a walk since getting my watch. Days one and two I walked for 15 minutes. Today and yesterday, I walked for 30 minutes, worked at cleaning part of my dad’s house, went shopping for a wig, then shopping for a few items at Target.

Part of my purchase was a bottle of bubbly, since I’m hosting a come and go New Years Eve get together. I’m going to try to sweet rose this year because Dave always buys brut and I can’t hardly drink more than a sip.

I’ve also been trying to stand longer, so when I’m doing my hour of Diamond Art a day, I’ve been standing for half of it. I have to stay busy so I won’t think about vaping, I am still doing so good and have not touched it since we quit! Another reason to feel proud and bubbly! 🤩


7 thoughts on “W.O.T.D 12-28-21 Feeling Bubbly

  1. I am so very proud of what you are doing! Did you get the Apple watch for Christmas? That is awesome what you are doing about standing to do your diamond art! I am assuming that is helping and more ways than just one? I did not know they you were thinking of getting a new wig? That is cool though, I want to see a picture when you get it? I am sure that your New Year’s Eve party will be off the charts as it is every year! We will of course not be doing much. Carol returned back to Houston on Mon and Christina requested to have Fri. off for New Year’s Eve. Her birthday is New Year’s Day and she is wanting to learn to make tamales! She does have some friends that are having a party by her. They are friends she has had since moving here. They live in the colony and since she is living in Irving she has been hanging out with him a lot. The daughter is her dog watcher. Happy new year to you and the gang!

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    • Thank you! Me too, but it’s still really at times! Yes, “Santa” brought me an Apple Watch. Dave got a new alarm clock/sound machine.
      The wig idea just came to me, since the two I have that cost quite a bit don’t fit me, I went to the shop Claudette used to go to, because I knew they would work with me and alter the wig to fit my tiny head, lol. They even said a child size would be best, but children styles don’t fit me. What we chose blends in nicely with my hair color, so they are going to take some fullness out and thin it too so it looks more like my hairstyle. I don5 want it to be glaringly obvious that I’m wearing a wig. 😉
      My get together will be pretty low key actually, close family and a few old friends I have not seen in a few months/ years. The “partycrashers” won’t be here, lol, they all live too far away now.
      I can’t stop thinking that Dad should still be here, it still feels so surreal to me that he is gone.
      Well, I hope you have a happy new year and get a sip of the bubbly too! Do you even like it? I’ll let you know my thoughts on the Rose’. ☺️Happy New Year! 🎊🥳🎉🤗🥰


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