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The Countdown is On!

Ten, nine, eight…

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Ok, well, it’s close, lol!

The meat is bought, along with the bubbly. Today I went and stocked up on all sizes of paper plates, bowls, and some plastic cups for champagne. Dave will make pulled pork and guests are bringing their favorite snacks and drinks of choice.

I went and got sparkly toes and fingers today and my new ‘hair’ will be ready just in time! I have an appt at 11:30 tomorrow to go get it! I’m so excited! And nervous. I know people who see me a lot will know, but I hope they love it as much as I think I will. My head is so small, they had to take up the wig, and tomorrow it will also get a thinning out. It blends perfectly with my own hair, so I’m hoping I pass it off as normal, cause yall, I am really getting tired of hats!

I have been so bad lately that I now have GERD and I’m having to take medication for it. I will get through this weekend eating and drinking what I want, and then add diet changes to my already in place fitness program. Thank goodness I got this watch for Christmas! I have been walking every day, standing longer, the only change needs to be my calorie burning, and my diet needs to go back to where it was three months ago. And we are still not vaping!! And i got two out of the three circles closed for the first time today!

I am ready to see old friends and spend more time with my kids before they are too busy to visit anymore. All three are starting new jobs or getting promotions, so we are all gonna start off the new year busy! I’m just going to relax and have a good time, I have discovered another CBD compound that I love, it gives me energy on top of the euphoria. It is completely legal (because it is made from hemp) and I get it from Moonwlker. This one is called HHC and it has less that .003mg of Delta 9 cannabinoid. It helps with anxiety, creativity, energy, on top of the euphoric sensation. The CBD movement is just getting bigger and more new products are coming out all the time. Its hard to keep up. But I am well stocked now. I don’t have to panic anymore. I have several different kinds now, from tinctures to gummies. Full-spectrum to HHC. I buy when there are intro specials and or huge sales…I never want to pay full price.

Speaking of full price, Cali Nails on Rufe Snow is having a special right now, buy one service, get one half off. So I have gel on my toes, and powder on my fingernails (which lasts a lot longer), and the price was just under $60. Still seemed high to me, but my nails look great, so I don’t care, lol.

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year! 🎊🍻🥳🥂🍾🍸


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