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Snow Daze 2-3-22

Snow on sleet and still coming down!

Here we go again in Texas! Luckily, this time it will be short-lived.

The animals and I are snuggled together on the couch, me in my warmest pjs because…why not?? Why should I get dressed if I’m not going out? I’d rather be warm and comfortable. In fact, I’m so worried about the stupid grid, I’m thinking of lowering the temperature to 70 degrees and just staying under my blanket.

I took a video of the snow coming down, but it didn’t show up in my gallery, so I didn’t include it. They hardly ever work anyway.

I’m planning to cook some cheeseburger soup later, what do you think would go best with that? Crackers, bread, or cornbread? I found the recipe on my Keto Pinterest page. There is just one problem, I have chicken stock, but not beef. Will it still work?

I may scour the cabinets and see if I don’t have some beef bouillon, maybe we do. I have pre-cooked bacon, so I think I’m going to use some bacon grease instead of butter.

I have plenty to do, diamond art, crochet project, and hopefully later, I’ll fit in an indoor walk. I just haven’t been feeling up to it this morning. (kind of dealing with a lady problem)

Ever notice that if you stare at the white stuff for a while, it makes you temporarily snow blind? Sure is pretty coming down though, as long as I don’t have to get out in it! Right now, it has slowed to almost a stop. By this weekend, it will just be a memory, as we will be warming to the 40’s on Saturday. However, the lows will remain in the 20’s for several days, so there may be some spots where the ice doesn’t melt…or it refreezes. Let’s hope for melting!

Poor Dave is essential personnel, so he had to go to work. He is a good driver though, more experienced at driving on ice and snow than most people around here! I’m hoping to have the soup ready and waiting to warm him up when he gets home. Food is such a love language!

Stay warm and safe everyone!


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