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WOD Challenge 2-2-22 Language Lessons

Duo can sometimes perplex me

Teaching words with meanings that can be

Used for more than one thing

Like vaqueros translates to jeans

Not cowboys? As was previously taught me.

This is as confusing to me as English must be for others. My favorite restaurant is Los Vaqueros which means the Cowboys, which fits, being in the stockyards in Ft Worth. But if you put the word ”vaqueros” in the translator app, it translates to jeans!

There are other words with dual meanings, like café. It is coffee sometimes and cafe others. There are way more examples than this but right now I cannot think of them.

I’m still doing daily lessons…up to 674 days in a row!

As the cold freezing weather approaches I’m glad I have Spanish lessons, diamond art, crochet, and of course, blogging to keep me busy! Have a good day everyone and stay warm!

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