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A Tale of Two Cottages 2-12-22

We have been blessed to get the chance of experiencing two different cottages during our stay in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Wishing Star

We got a call on our way up from Texas that the Wren’s Nest, our original booking, would not be available and would we be interested in an upgrade to a two bedroom upstairs and one cottage over, due to a gas leak. Sure we would! So our first two nights were in the more spacious digs at Wishing Star…part of Eureka Zen properties.

Upon entering, you are greeted by the delightful aroma from the diffuser, relaxing music, and soft lighting, making you feel like you’re in a spa. Theres an in room pedestal sink, and a closeted toilet, towels folded to hold soaps and shampoos, and comfy robes waiting on a bench to wrap you in comforting warmth…

Huge master bedroom at Wishing Star

The spa-like cottages are both nice. Relaxing and cozy, the only down side to this cottage is the heater only really heated the living room area. Once you were tucked in your bed with the memory foam mattress and down comforters and heavy blanket, you warmed right up! You may not want to get out of bed though!

Second bedroom with adjoining bathroom.
The foyer and dining /kitchen area lead to a nice balcony.
Nice sized kitchen area

In between the kitchen/dining area and the second bedroom, is the roomy walk-in shower, and larger bathroom area. By larger, I mean the toilet, sink, and shower are all together in one room. It’s just enough room to step out of the shower, sit on the toilet, and stand up to the sink though. It was ok for just two people thank goodness. Plenty of towels were provided in both bathroom areas along with a space heater to get them warm enough to shower.

That was great, because it was rather chilly, especially once we moved to cottage number two…The Wren’s Nest. We moved over to the downstairs property on Friday morning, and Saturday morning we woke to temps in the teens. Luckily, because the place is so small, the tiny gas fireplace heated everything to almost smothering. What a difference!

Living room bedroom combo in The Wrens Nest
Standing in the bathroom for this shot.
Bathroom with clawfoot tub/shower.

Chase lounge with a view.
The kitchen area.
Spa-like towels
Shampoo, conditioner & soap.
Small but sturdy balcony.

I didn’t take a picture of the balcony at Wishing Star, but we stayed close to the house rather than at the railing, because it sort of pitched forward, and it was a long way down!

View from Wishing Star balcony…still snow in some spots!

The snow and ice in some cases from last week’s storm that even made it to us in Texas, was still hanging around due to low temps and shady spots. That made for some careful driving around the steep curves and sheer inclines we faced driving in and around Eureka Springs.

Another view from the balcony at Wishing Star.

Luckily, we were able to park at street level in front of the cottages. I did enough stairs in our walks around town, I would have never made it if I had to walk up and down those stairs every day! We have packed so much into our four days here, that I feel bored just sitting here on our last night, but it is freezing outside, so I’m just going to have to relax and enjoy our last night. Maybe it will include a nice warm soak in that beautiful tub!

We will be headed home tomorrow and hope to arrive in time to watch the Super Bowl. In more good news, we will not have to do the cooking for that, Dave’s brother is making dinner! We are so lucky! Have a good night and stay tuned for more about our trip later on!

For bookings if you’d like to stay in one of these or a different EurekaZen cottage, here is her card.


10 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cottages 2-12-22

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful & more facilities in cottage. I like. Wonderful view. Big bedroom with toilet. Beautiful kitchen. Lovely place. You have full enjoyed trip. Very nice you share your trip. Nice photography. How many day you stay there.? Iam so happy. Your trip very successful & enjoyable.♥️👫

    Liked by 1 person

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