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Home Again & Onyx Cave 2-13-22

Inside Onyx Cave

Well, we are home agin after a safe and uneventful trip. It was a poignant goodbye after such a wonderful, stress-free week. We arrived in plenty of time to unpack, visit with Josh and Shari before going to Bubba’s for dinner and the Super Bowl.

Yesterday, I was blessed to be able to go see the Onyx Cave. It had been closed for the season, but reopened Saturday! I love caves, but Dave, my hubby, does not! He patiently waited for me while I took the 30 minute tour. That’s how I know he loves me!

Stacked stalagmites
Sharp stalagtites
Stunning formations

All of this and more and all because of water. Water that forms deposits it dissolves overlying limestone and then redeposits calcium carbonate along the ceiling or floors. It’s fascinating to me and I love seeing all the rocks and minerals as they sparkle and glisten.

Angel wings

Not really, but they look like angel wings to me. ❤️

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5 thoughts on “Home Again & Onyx Cave 2-13-22

  1. Lucky you! I love spelunking too. Especially caves well cared for and lit. My books have a lot of caves. You know my mom was very claustrophobic yet she managed to help us gain a love for those lime formed ‘mites and ‘tites and columns. Those wings are special!

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