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Back to Church!

Not our church, photo from Unsplash.

I am so excited to be returning to in-person worship service this morning!

Finally, the restrictions have been lifted and we can return to live church service! I have really been missing the fellowship and the feeling of the spirit you get from actually attending church service in person. We will hopefully get to meet the new pastor, even though we have been watching her via livestream for about a year now. I hope to see Donna, an associate pastor also who does the monthly Zoom meetings on grief. I have only been to the one meeting, I hope I remember the next session, although the books she gave me are really making a difference!

Afterwards, we will go get the groceries for the week and then the cooking for the doggies will commence. I mentioned in my earlier post this morning, that I am going to start making all the food and treats for my dogs. The reason is that I am convinced that it’s their kibble that is causing all of Brandy’s skin allergies. In the end, it should also save us money because pet food is very expensive these days, along with everything else.

I just wanted to share my excitement to be getting back to in person worship…have a blessed Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Back to Church!

  1. YeaH!! I am so excited for you! I hope that maybe you can eventually become more involved in your church like with the choir, the pickle ball team, volunteering at the food bank, etc.

    I am so glad they you are making KIM’S KIBBLES AND TREATS (that shall be the name of their new dog food)! I hope they like it, but I am sure because you are fixing it for them they will love it!

    How did you sleep on your mattress last night?

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    • Thanks, church was so fabulous and emotional for me! It was great to be back!
      I love the new name! 🤗🤣😉💕 If I brand it, it will only be on Pinterest, lol.
      Well, it’s going to take some getting used to, but we have 100 days to try it and if it doesn’t work out, we can send it back ☺️


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