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WOD Challenge 3-6-22 Going Solo Today

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Most Sundays, as you may or may not know, we host family dinner.

On occasion, however, we decide we need a break, and today is one of those days. We have cooked dinner every Sunday for the family since the holidays, so we are going solo today.

For one thing, we have some different cooking tasks to undertake today. I am making the dogs their first batch of home made food and the plan is to supplement their kibble with it until they are used to getting fresh food.

Number two, the weather could get a little dicey today, so not everyone may want to get out, but they are still welcome to visit if they want, they just need to make other dinner plans. I’m not looking forward to the return of cold weather! At least the change is coming late this afternoon, so we have one more warm day ahead.

Number three, we ate out a few times this weekend and now we have lots of leftovers to eat, and little storage space in the refrigerator. The new food I’m making for the dogs will be split between the fridge and the freezer, so there’s that too. I also plan on making them treats as well.

I found lots of recipes, tips, and advice on the internet and Pinterest, so I’m ready to go as soon as we pick up a few more things from the grocery store. For now, we have decided that I will make the ”stew” and bag portions, freeze them, and defrost in a bowl of warm water at mealtimes. That will work until we learn how to can it.

PS: Dave and I went out to eat at Pappadeaux’s last night and enjoyed a decadent, delicious meal-expensive, but worth it. Man have food prices skyrocketed or what? We are used to moderately priced Mexican food, not overpriced seafood, but it was so yummy, I hated to complain…much. 😉

We started the meal with drinks at the bar while waiting on our table. Teasingly, I asked him if we could still afford to eat now. I got ”the look.” Next, we had a delicious appetizer of hot spinach crab dip on flaky crustini bread. OMG, I didn’t want to stop eating it, but had to so I could eat my wild-caught Mahi with crawfish and sausage in a decadent butter cream sauce! The fingerling potatoes that came with it were melt-in-your-mouth soft and creamy. Worth every penny of the $31 that it cost. David had crawfish etoufee with fried crawfish…it was good, but I liked my meal better because I try to avoid fried foods. He is sorry now, unfortunately, it reaked havock on his stomach. Someday he will learn, lol!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone, I’ll keep you posted on the home made dog food experiment. 🤗

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