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WOD Challenge 3-14-22 Browsing at the Mall

I went to the mall today to pick up my birthday gift, the angel wing charm from James Avery that Dave got for my charm bracelet to memorialize my dad.

Angel wings to remember Dad.

After I picked that item up, I went to a few stores to browse, looking for sweatpants that don’t have fitted bottoms. I gave up on that but found a few fun, cheap items in the Miss A store, and Earthbound Trading company.

Miss A has tons of makeup, skincare, nail care, hair care items and most of them are just one dollar! I grabbed some tea tree shampoo, some eye serum, some eye shadow, some moisturizer, some bb cream, and some lip therapy oil. All under $10.

In Earthbound Trading, I grabbed 30 sticks in three different scents of incense for $4 and some change! I feel like a winner! Saturday when we were running around, Dave bought me new lipstick and mascara and I got a free birthday gift of facial cleanser, so I am set for a while! That was at Ulta, one of my favorite places to browse!

In JC Penney, I tried on a pair of sweater pants that would have worked for me had they not been about 6 inches too long and a sweater top to go with them, however, I’m too old to be wearing a crop top! 😉

It was on clearance, but I put it all back and walked out because I was roasting in there! I am too cheap when it comes to clothes. I would rather spend my money in a thrift store and bring them home to wash and wear than brand new clothes. I know, I’m sad. Hahahaha.

Sean gave me a Spotify gift card for my birthday, so I need to check it out and see how that works. I’m told I can download entire albums! The card is worth $30, but I’ll need to investigate further to redeem it. He also gave me some candy that he remembered Mom and Dad really liked…Gold Brick Eggs. He also gave me some scratch-off cards. He is too much! Kevin had already taken me to the movies Friday, but gave me a funny card and a gift card to Chili’s!

I put her in my office for inspiration.

The boys all came for dinner and gave me love and cards, so I feel very blessed indeed! I had a wonderful birthday dinner with the family and Connie gifted me a lovely plant and they brought the dessert (I had a tiny piece) which was Italian Creme Cake! Yummy! What a fabulous weekend!

On a sad note, I learned that Tammi, my late Uncle Tony’s wife, passed away yesterday as a result of the injuries she sustained in that boating accident last year. My heart hurts and I just can’t believe it. She was so full of life and so sweet, I really thought she would pull through. Maybe she missed him too much. I don’t know what their ginormous family will do without her, she was the glue and the light that kept them all together. I sent prayers for peace and comfort not knowing what else to do at the moment.

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