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He Has Risen Indeed! Hallelujah!

Hola! Happy Easter to all of you people in the blogosphere this glorious Easter day!

What a wonderful service we had this morning! Almost a full congregation, bells and horns joining the already awesome choir, and the church itself looking polished and bright, the very air seemed to buzz with excitement and joy!

Indeed I felt that joy and was moved to tears during Yvonne’s (our senior pastor) message for the day! He has risen indeed! Glory hallelujah! There was singing, waving of the ribbons, the handbell choir and the brass section joining in the choir, just made for an eggxtra special church service!

While we don’t have grandkids present in our lives, we have the whole family coming for dinner as usual, only it will be an Easter dinner with ham, deviled eggs, mac&cheese, salad, and corn on the cob-plus whatever surprises others may bring. We will be together and that’s what matters…in fact, they are arriving as I write this, so I better go.

One more bit of good news, the cross I ordered with Dad’s ashes in the glass orb is out for delivery! Wouldn’t it be a special treat if it arrived today?


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