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WOD Challenge 4-18-22 Augmentation

Photo credit:Unsplash

So, after all my years working at the cancer center, when I hear the word ”augmentation”, all I can think of is breast augmentation.

Now, I have never been in that situation before myself, but if given the choice after a mastectomy, I would probably want to do it. Of course, one never knows until faced with the difficult decision, I just know that my husband would be supportive and if I know my man, he would say, ‘go for it and let him make em bigger, or at least even them out, lol.”

All kidding aside, and not to make light of the situation, I cannot imagine what a difficult decision that must be. And what if you had a double mastectomy? I’ve seen it both ways, I’ve seen women make both decisions. Maybe it would be better to leave well enough alone, you’ve been through enough trauma. The upside for me is I could toss out that man-made torture device-the bra.

Then again, it would be nice to be able to sport one like this! (Fantasy Bra by Victoria Secret)

I hope I never have to make the decision in any case.

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