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Open House Saturday

The backyard and pool

Well, it seems we will have to lower our asking price before Saturday’s open house to bring more possible buyers.

We have only had five showings since we listed the house, and my husband and our realtor think that we priced ourself out of the market. We were asking $410,000, which was comparable for the other houses for sale in the area, but now, it’s not. That’s how much rising interest rates have affected the market.

The guys feel like getting under that $400,000 threshold will attract more buyers, so…we are going to set it to $399.500.

I have been cleaning, rearranging, throwing stuff away to get ready for the open house. We will not need to be here. We did receive some feedback on the last showing, yet the buyer was thinking of renting it out for a VRBO so I’m ignoring it. Where are the serious buyers, the families with kids that would enjoy the pool and/or game room? Where are all of the California people I heard about that would appreciate the size and the cost compared to what they are paying in their state?? Have they stopped shopping in Texas? One has to wonder!

Our home is tasteful and practically carpet free, which is what people used to want. Now they are complaining about paint colors and flooring choices which are things one can easily change! I don’t get it. I could understand if it costs too much, or they didn’t like the layout. But honestly, getting little to no feedback is very frustrating, and for our dream to be realized, we have to get a certain amount for our house.

Dave and I have already had the difficult discussion about having to live here a while longer and just taking small trips when we can in the motor home if we don’t sell the house. Neither of us wants it to come to that, but we have to have a plan b realistically. He cannot retire if we can’t sell the house. And we can’t live full-time in the RV until all our debt is gone. So, that’s where we stand. I am praying for everything to work out yet I am grateful that if it doesn’t, we really still have a good life right here. ☺️

On a different note, guess who’s home??


My heart is so full and happy right now! Just seeing the smile on my baby’s face at having his girlfriend back home after one year and a few months abroad is all the therapy I need!


9 thoughts on “Open House Saturday

  1. People aren’t going to want to pay close to $400K to, “which are things one can easily change” get in the home and then have to spend more money to renovate as well. *Shrugs*

    That’s a huge thing here. People are looking for “move-in ready” at lower costs. When I was house-hunting, I definitely bypassed any homes that did not fit my price point and I overlooked those that would need more work to feel like my “forever home.”

    I backed out of that a few years back, though; decided to stick with apartment life until I move to Asheville. I wish you guys luck, though. Maybe you’ll find your buyers soon! You never know!

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    • No, what I’m saying is ours IS move in ready, we’ve renovated everything but some guy that wanted to turn it into a rental property didn’t like the fact that there were hardwoods in some rooms, tile in others and so on. It’s like he wanted one color of paint all through the house, and one type of flooring. But if you’ve seen the pictures, you can see we painted all the rooms except maybe the bathrooms, laid hardwoods ourselves, and my husband and son know flooring, tiled the kitchen, etc. The kitchen has all new cabinets, countertops, and appliances. I’m talking about picky people. We redid the living room, game room, office and master bedroom. It has a beautiful pool with no issues. A big backyard that goes way beyond what the picture shows and a pretty front yard with two huge oak trees. In fact, every house we’ve lived in, we’ve remodeled. 😉☺️

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      • But Kim, it’s what you two have liked for so many years. I can’t imagine trying to sell my home and also trying to be sure it is definitely up-to-date and marketable. Homes, my assumption about them, have character or character is built when people live in them.

        There are going to be those people who will not want your home the way it is at the price point set is all I’m saying. Heck, I’m not a picky person, but I know my price-point is no way near 400K.

        These people obviously want work done to make the home feel more like theirs, and probably don’t want to spend the extra money to make that happen is what I’m saying. Right now, your home is what your guys love.

        Someone else will come along though to like it exactly the way it is, and we’ll be reading about that soon.

        Heck, the pool alone is enough to lure people in. The right people just need to see it, though. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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      • Thanks, Tre. I think when my hubby was taught flooring, they were taught that different flooring in different rooms break up the rooms. I guess people these days don’t want that…or maybe it was just that guy’s taste.
        The reason the price is so high is because the market supports it right now, or did two weeks ago. That is twice or more what we paid for it, but here in Texas, sellers were getting those kinds of prices because people from California were coming in droves driving the market up! Now the interest rates went up, so I guess the prices are going back down just a bit. I just can’t believe the market changed that drastically in two weeks, but I’m sure we’ll be ok.

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