Dinner at Kevin’s

We had a showing today from 2-3pm, so I asked my brother if he would mind hosting family dinner and he stepped up to the plate!

Chris, Becky and David
Kevin, Chris, Sean, Becky, and Dave

We invited the kids- Chris & Becky and Sean came, but Josh and Shari took a pass because Josh has a stomach virus 🦠

Kevin prepared shredded bbq chicken in his instant pot and bought a delicious broccoli salad. Dave bought three different Bob Evans Mac and cheese flavors, mixed them up in a big disposable pan and put breadcrumbs on top, cooked them when we got there, and it was all yummy.

I was surprised I could eat with the ulcers in my mouth and throat, but everything was soft enough and I managed fine.
Mostly though, my brother was happy to have all of our help to work on his jigsaw puzzle that he’s been trying to finish for two months now. ☺️


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