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#SoCS 9-25-22 Not Much Time

SoCS Sunday, lol

I know it’s Sunday, but I didn’t have much time for blogging yesterday because we started the big move out!

Chris came and for a while it was just him, Dave and me, moving boxes, furniture, and making the necessary trips to wherever- storage, thrift stores, to get the big stuff moved out and the smaller stuff sorted and organized. We are almost out of our home of seven years and one step closer to our dream of full-time RV living.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “home.” Use it as a noun, a verb, an adjective, or an adverb. Enjoy!

We will have to re-home some items temporarily a my brother’s house, and wait for Dave to retire before beginning the dream, of course, but we will feel so much better about everything once the sale of our home is complete. In fact, I need to get up and continue packing, but it’s early and I’m so sore from yesterday, so I’m still laying down to write this. Besides, we don’t have much to lay, or sit on and tonite will be even less! Hopefully we will be far enough along to spend our first night at Kevin’s home. His floors are done, his walls are put back together, and paint will happen later. We just need a bed to sleep in and we’ll be happy.

The beds go today, along with the couches and pool table. The latter are going to a new owner. He’s coming to pick up and pay for said items around 11:30. Believe it or not, Dave and I broke the pool table down to the slates yesterday and when Chris and Josh got back, they and their muscle power moved the slates (3) to a flat rolling dolly like it was nothing! Those things weigh a ton! Ahhh, to be young and strong again. We were so appreciative for theirs and my brother’s help! Sean disappointed me by not coming until last night, and I knew he would but I let it eat at me all night. I could barely sleep, I was so irritated, yet I kept telling God I was so thankful for the help we did have. Finally, I drifted off.

There seems to be a lot of talk today about home prices going down and people having buyer’s regret at overpaying just to get their dream home. Well, at least our buyers did not. And if the static test fails, or we need to throw any more money at this house to get it sold, we’ll be moving right back in! We already lowered our price, paid for additional work to be done, and did lots of improvements ourselves. If we have to move back in, Dave is not going to be a happy camper! In addition, he said he’d live in the RV in the driveway until he got the house exactly the way he wanted it first before he moved back in. Lord, please don’t let that happen!

I’m going to stay positive, put my head down and get this place packed up, move in with Kevin, and say my prayers. We have a lot of work to do yet, and it will be emotional watching someone drive away with my cat. But to make the dream happen, these things are necessary. I think if we get it all moved out today, tomorrow we come back to clean it. I’m praying it all goes that smoothly and we both keep our cool. We did amazingly well yesterday at not getting snippy with each other, let it continue today! Chris, Josh, and Kevin will be back at some point to help, and by-the-way, he let last night and had to go home beat and move all his furniture back where it belonged! I didn’t realize he had packed up his belongings and left until I went to bed…that’s another reason I didn’t fall asleep easily. I felt so bad that we didn’t help, but I didn’t know! Dave and I were sitting in the pool soaking our tired backs when he cut out. He said bye, but it still didn’t dawn on me that he’d gone home for the night until much later. Where was my head??

I hope he forgives me, I’ll be sure to apologize when he gets here…maybe before! Would have been no help moving his furniture but I could have helped him get his things to his truck and say a proper goodbye and thank him again for all his help.

Well, tired as I am, I have to get up and get moving!


5 thoughts on “#SoCS 9-25-22 Not Much Time

  1. We wish you all the best in the next stage of your life. My father worked in Indian Railways and every three years or so he was transferred and we had to move . I cannot think how my mother managed 😊 we changed quarters in the campus five times from 1982 to 2005. Since then we are in our own house.

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