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Multi-prompt Post 9-21-22 Evil Beauty

Why would God put flowers on such an evil weed?

Even the leaves have thorns!!

One-Liner Wednesday

Ok, now that the first part is out of the way, I’ll make a second attempt at publishing this post!

I had my pictures, story, and explanation all typed out and it kept saying it was auto saving, however, when I returned home to check it, all but the two pictures was gone! Well, this post is not exactly a OneLiner Wednesday but I wanted to explain the pictures and include other stuff. So here we go again!

Firstly, yes, we are still here, but hope to be moved out this weekend to my brother’s house. Secondly, I just couldn’t, in good conscience, leave the corner garden in the state it was. I’m ashamed to admit it had gotten away from me, and the purslane and devil weed…whatever that ugly, evil thing is, had taken over. Oh, and the clover. Anyhoo, I got out there before it got hot and dug, chopped, and hoed my way through the mess and I have to say, it looks better.

Not perfect, but much cleaner!

I’m leaving everything that was originally there, the poor angel has seen better days, and some extra potted plants as well. The tribute stone is obviously staying!

I had been faithfully keeping that garden weeded and looking nice, but all this getting ready to move has had me busier than a one-armed paper hanger. So, it got a little neglected.

Before we can move to Kevin’s house, the floors and some of the sheet rock had to be replaced since his house flooded a few weeks ago. That is going on right now, so he decided to stay with us until it’s finished to stay out of his neighbor’s way. My youngest, Chris, was going to do it, but got slammed at work. No biggie. Seems those who want to work are taking up the slack for those that don’t! In addition, we still have issues here to fix before we move. Today my husband called to inform me that he has to install a double clean out on the sewer line, so he asked our middle son, Josh, to come do the digging part so it would be ready for Dave to fix when he gets home from work. It’s awful hot for all that, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

The reason for this newest development is that we also have to have piers put under the house, and when that work is done, the plumber will need to sign off and to do that, he needs to do this double clean out. Luckily, we only have to do 8 piers and not 50! The buyers are going to split the cost with us. Regardless, we should be able to go ahead and move out this weekend. With Kevin being here and having a truck, maybe we can get a head start on taking things to storage too. And, he can help Dave break down the pool table for the seller to pick up.

Well, I’ve forgotten the rest that I originally typed, so I’ll wish you all a happy Wednesday ☺️🤗

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