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#SoCS & WOD Challenge 10-1-22 Thank God!

Or as my girlfriend, Michelle, said, “Thank you Baby Jesus!” Right before she asked me what my good news was.


The deal may be done, but we aren’t completely. We had four more piers installed yesterday, the plumbing work starts today after my husband wrote him a hefty check yesterday for half of the cost…$11,500! The structural engineer came and checked the house after the pier work was done to get it passed. Jim, my agent and friend, said no matter what, the buyers can’t back out now or they will lose their earnest money. In my mind, that means the deal is done, but my man cannot relax until we all sign on the dotted line and the money has exchanged hands.

Me, I slept like a baby last night…finally!! The numbers finally adding up and bringing this nightmare to a close gave me enough peace to finally relax, and I think I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was so tired after three days of spotty rest a best. Additionally, once Dave told me the good news yesterday morning, I rushed over to the house, loaded my car up with all I could, made one trip to the thrift store to drop off some bedding and the rest of the stuff found a place over here at Kevin’s. Later, when Dave got off, is when we went back over to tear down the bed, shrink wrap and roll the mattress, and meet the workers and pay the plumber. After all that and more, we grabbed Little Caesar’s and headed back here to eat and rest.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me, for us, for this deal to work out! Thanks be to God for allowing it. I want to apologize to everyone who’s blogs I haven’t had time to comment on, but I don’t think I’ve missed reading any. I’m with you as you are with me!

Now it’s time to make a final push to get the house completely cleaned out and cleaned up. Get Dave retired (soon) and start planning our first trip! I’m over the moon excited, and anxious for the new owners to get going in our house as well! They will also be starting a new chapter in their lives, I hope they enjoy it as much as we have! I don’t know if I’ll be able to join in with the Inktober challenge this month, but we’ll see. All my art supplies are on the bus, which is in storage, waiting for us to be ready to roll.

Claudette’s old China hutch, my solution to Kevin’s storage issues.
Kevin and Whiskey napping
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