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Greetings and Salutations 10-3-22

Good afternoon from sunny North Richland Hills, Texas. I’m here at my brother Kevin‘s house, but he is out of town on a business trip to New Jersey of all places. He got in late last night so he might be a bear today. 😂

This is where we’re staying until Dave retires and we can get on the road. Not positive about where our first trip will be, but we’re looking at Arizona after a quick stop in West Texas in the big Bend area. I hope that’s what we do because I’ve never been to either place and that excites me.

Now THAT’s a hole!!

i’ve just returned from a trip to my house to make sure the diggers were at work, clean the refrigerator since we removed all the food from yesterday, and pick up a couple more things. We are almost done clearing the house out. I went by my hairdresser’s shop and told her the good news about the house selling, but a client came in and I had to cut it short. I’ll visit again before we leave for sure! She is one of my strong spiritual advisors as well as the bestest hairdresser I’ve ever found!

I really need to take the dogs for a walk on their leashes to get them used to it before we actually hit the road, yet I’m a bit reluctant because they aren’t real good on a leash and the sidewalk is right next to the street, which is very busy here. I am also out of shape and don’t want to hurt myself. There’s a park close so maybe I should practice walking by myself to gauge the distance before I takeoff with them. Or I could take them on a short walk just up and down the street. Or I could drive to the park and then walk them around on their leashes over there. That might be the best plan actually. Regardless, we all need some exercise, and the weather is beautiful right now! So wish me luck with that as I sign off for now! Happy Monday everyone ☺️🤗😉😀


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