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SoCS Challenge 11-12-22 On Their Way!

Good morning from a very chilly NRH, Tx!

One more day and a wake-up, as we used to say in the military, and we will be on our way! I’m so excited, I have not been able to stay in bed once my eyes open in the morning-whether it’s 4:30, 5:00, or earlier.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with or contains ‘cel.’” Find a word that begins with or contains “cel” and use it in your post any way you’d like. Have fun!

Our new cell phone cases are on their way here! I can’t wait to have my phone better protected in case I drop it. I’m just going to have to be more focused on handling it safely too. We didn’t pay $50 a piece for them, so I doubt they are as durable as some we saw for $50 in Target and Best Buy. I may not be on mine as much as a teenager, but my cell phone is a huge part of my life! My iPad is a 2nd part, I’m probably on it twice as much, but I can’t carry it around everywhere with me, like my phone -which lives most of its life in my back pocket.

This is what it looks like, but the description failed to mention that it is military grade drop protected-Dave’s did, but his is blue.

Dave admitted to me last night that our new adventure has him a little nervous and scared, but as for me, every cell in my body is screaming, “LET’S GO!!” I knew we had so much more to load last night but we sat here and did nothing! I was jumping out of my skin, because I don’t want to be doing it last minute, and we have plans today!

We are going to Corinth to see our niece and the new baby, who is almost walking now!! 😭 Then, we may have time for one load before people start showing up to celebrate Dave’s retirement and say, “Bon Voyage” or maybe we will take a load on our way out to Tori’s. We have to do a little winterizing also, because temps are going to be at or near freezing in the morning. After that task, we will make a stop at Total Wines, to pick up a bottle of alcohol-free wine my son’s girlfriend Becky reminded me they have. Isn’t that exciting? I can celebrate with everyone and still be alcohol free! I hope it tastes delicious! Has anyone else tried any?

I’ve been putting this off, but I think I’m going to need some suggestions for a new name for my blog once I turn it into a travel blog. You would not believe how many their are, and I don’t want to copy anyone else’s. I don’t want it long, just clever. I follow some now; Drivin’ & Vibin’, Morton’s on the Move, RV Blogger, RV Life, Hangin’ with the Hanks, and so many more. My email stays jam-packed with those and all our RV club’s newsletters and blogs. They all have so many useful info, tips, and tricks, it’s addicting!!

I’ve thought of a few, Traveling with the Smyths, Our Journey on Wheels, The Roving Nomads…I could go on. I need to check all those and see if others already have those names in the blogosphere, but welcome better suggestions from you all! Of course, the amount I blog will depend on excellent cellular coverage, but most RV Parks have wi-fi, so I hope it will be smooth everywhere we go. I’m pretty sure we won’t try boondocking for some time, so we should be fairly connected if we stick to inexpensive parks for months at a time.

So yes, tonight will be a packed event here at Kevin’s and I wish I could invite all my friends we want to say, “Bye” to, but Kevin’s house is about half the size of our old house, it’s cold, so most will be in the house. It’s also multiple levels and all the furniture takes up much of the space for moving around. My job today will be clearing out as much of our stuff as possible to make more room, as well as GETITONTHEBUS!! 😂🤣 I hope everyone understands! I was also unable to get as many visits in with friends because we’ve been so busy with last minute details. One more purchase needs to be made to get us down the road, and that is the bike rack for Dave’s bicycle to go on the Jeep. He said we’ll play it by ear. 🤷‍♀️ Not sure what that means, but he’ll take care of it asap.

Well, it’s early yet, but we will be rolling somewhere soon, so I better go get ready, dressed in layers, of course! Have a terrific weekend everyone! You’ll be hearing more from me soon!!


4 thoughts on “SoCS Challenge 11-12-22 On Their Way!

  1. The excitement coming off the page is contagious. You are going to have so much fun Kim. And there are a lot of alcohol free wines that taste very good. Looking forward to reading about all your adventures. 🙂


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