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WOD Challenge 11-11-22 Right on Target

Happy Veterans Day!

Thanks to all who served our great country in some form or fashion!

Now to the Word of the Day…Target.

This is the perfect prompt for me this morning after spending an inordinate amount of time there yesterday.

I didn’t want to get in trouble for copyright infringement, so I just took a pic of the app page, however, we were in-store for our daunting task.

Target has a contract with Consumer Cellular. We made the switch, got new phones, and instantly slashed our bill in half, all while retaining unlimited data. Win, win! But! This task had us there for about two hours because the people that help techs get the job done over at CC were swamped with calls yesterday. The other problem was that AT&T made an error with Dave’s phone number, so that took a hot minute to get straightened out.

Once they got Dave’s phone lined out, my turn went relatively fast. I kept the same type of phone, but new (mine was shattered…again!) Dave got a new, different kind of phone. Something from Motorola. An android. I did not want that much change, I can barely use the iPhone 🤣😂

Dave’s phone. It says, “Hello Moto,” when it comes on. ☺️

We will both have to get new cases, which he ordered yesterday, and mine needs to be ultra-protecting, lol! This was the 3rd or 4th time I’ve shattered mine, despite having good cases on them. Nothing helps much when you accidentally drop it on its face! Don’t ask me how I manage to do that so much, just my luck I guess.

The Consumer Cellular people were super helpful to the Target tech working on our phones. They made waiting as pleasant as it could be…neither of us is very patient with delays! Now we are all set and divorced from AT&T! It feels so good! Our bill will be $65 a month instead of $$ f dollars. We’re going to need all the savings we can get.

My new gas app, Upside, gives us cash back on the gas we have to buy, which is also a huge help. If anyone else would like to share in the savings, pm me and I’ll send you my link. If you get gas, you will save 15cents on the gallon and so will I! I think that’s how the sharing works, but I’ll double check. Anyway, we both get a deal. Ok, I just checked, if you use my link, you will get an extra .15 per gallon, and I will get .15 too! So whatever you save, I earn. And you can too, once you have the app!

Ok, that’s enough about Upside, now to finish my post. We have the new mattress for our motor home’s bed, and new sheets too, so we will go out there today and get that all set up. Then we have more stuff to load on, and come back to deal with Dave’s clothes and some of the bathroom stuff that we don’t immediately need. Then, maybe, I can go get my hair touched up so it’s good for the next few months. ☺️

Happy Friday everyone and again, Happy Veterans Day!


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