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Visit to the Casa Grande Ruins

Great House (Casa Grande) namesake.

Greetings from a cloudy, off-and-on- rainy day. Normally sunny, today will be cool and overcast, so I’m really glad we decided to visit the ruins yesterday!

We had to drop the dogs at the groomer, which gave us three hours to kill, so I convinced Dave to go see the Casa Grande Ruins. Casa Grande literally translates to Great House. The Hohokum tribes built these strong structures that have stood the test of time, mostly intact, for millennia.

The explanations, I’ll put up as we go along.
Earthenware pots used for wine and cooling water.
Tools of the trades, hunting, sewing, cooking, and more.

Map of the area. We are smack dab in the middle, between Tucson and Casa Grande.

The map doesn’t show Picacho Peak, but we are somewhere between Tuscan and Casa Grande. We are at the base of the peak, close enough, they say, to walk to the State Park. We haven’t done that yet, but we have plenty of time. I’m less antsy now that I’ve taken part in a few activities and met a few more people. In fact, I may not leave the house today with the oogy weather! I don’t like being wet and cold, so I’ll go out between rain showers if possible. But back to the tour!

A model of the house before time took it’s toll. It’s cutaway to show the possible interior.
The house as it is now.
So impressive that artwork and commerce started right here!
Examples of the types of jewelry made during this period.

What did they use to make the tiny holes for stringing the jewelry?

Items used in the many houses all over the area.

The ruins we visited was a tiny example of hundreds spread throughout the region.

They played games too!
What he structures used to look like.

The touch and feel area with examples of flora and fauna. Did you know bats had tails?
Actual pottery you can purchase.
Wish I had lots of money! I love the colorful animals!

I found all of this so interesting and there was so much more! We didn’t partake in the movies, but I think I have a link to watch it later. If anyone is interested, when Dave gets back I’ll have him give it to me. He took a picture so we would have it to view later.

After we got back, I went to fetch a new calendar and saw people at the pool, so I stopped a few moments to watch them play giant Jenga.

Why it’s on a ladder, I don’t know 🤷‍♀️
The players were very good at it though!

Last night, I joined some of my new friends playing Mexican Train at the rally house. It was so much fun! It’s a lot like the domino game chicken foot. Except you make trains, not feet, lol. Some were using tiny plastic trains, and others used beautiful rocks to symbol trains. While I was there, a man they called the “sheriff “ (Karl) came to visit and before he left, he presented me with my very own rock! I’ll have to show you later, my stupid pictures won’t load.

Finally loaded!

And today, I’m paying for letting my guard down and enjoying tasty treats from Sonic yesterday. ☹️ Some things I guess I’ll have to live without. It sure was delicious 😋 at the time though! I had a cheeseburger, a few tots, a few onion rings and a diet Cherry limeade. I’m blaming the onion rings, since they were fried. 😆 although it could have been anything really!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour and stay tuned for further adventures from the area! Have an excellent Saturday everyone! 🤗☺️

Here is the link to the movie: http://www.nos.gov/CAGR.

Me in front of one of the smaller dwellings.

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  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful Great House Namesake. Beautiful rainy & cool weather. Enjoy rainy day. Wonderful all photography. Beautiful historical all things. Beautiful train house. Amazing playing some people. I like, Kim!👍 Last one pic is so pretty. Have excellent Sunday.

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