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Nothing on the Calendar Today

The month changed this morning and here we were without the new calendar.

The bulletin board served as a backup.

I saw that there was nothing scheduled and resigned myself to our menial tasks around the RV and had a premonition that Dave would want to go grocery shopping.

I was right, and so we went in search of a closer place to get some. Marana is supposed to be closer than Tucson or Casa Grande, so that’s where we headed. Still felt like 30 minutes, but that may be because we made a wrong turn and that added some time.

We found the Fry’s grocery store (which must be affiliated with Kroger) and got most of what we needed. Of course, when we got home we remembered a few things we forgot, but it wasn’t an emergency. I put up the groceries, Dave settled in for a nap, so I repainted my nails, because the first time I did them we took off before they were dry and they got messed up. The entire time I’m thinking that I should have gone to the office to get a new calendar and now they are closed. So I let my nails dry thoroughly and walked down there to check out the activity center and see if I could find one laying around.

No such luck, but they did have all the usual activities on the bulletin board.

There is what I was really looking for. I could make my own calendar from this!

Tomorrow we make another trip in the direction of Casa Grande to take the dogs to a lady groomer we found online. I’m just excited for something to do! 😆😂🤣

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