Writing Prompts

The “F” Word

In this case, stands for FOOD!

For those who were following my blog before the name change, you might remember my recent stomach troubles had me drinking my meals rather than eating them. Diverticulitis had brought me to my knees. But since we’ve been on the road, not only have I healed, I’ve become a piggy and I’ve probably gained back what I’d lost, not that my pants are any indicator. They are still baggy. I don’t know how with all the bread I’ve been eating…everything from Subway to peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches. Graham crackers and Nutella are a new snack I’m enjoying, my chocolate bars are almost gone.

I say all that to explain how the last three or four days have been busy with so many trips into town that also included lunches out, that’s all I have to talk about…well, almost. We even had our first sit down meal at a Mexican restaurant since I was so sick. It was so different and delicious, I could not stop eating! And, I had a mango margarita with a spicy rim and lived to tell the tale!

I love their spin on the straw!

The rim is that spicy chili and lime mix…is it called tarin or something like that.

The dish I ordered was flautas, with a zucchini side, but never have either tasted like this!!

The flautas came with a bed of shredded lettuces, tomatoes and crema spread on top and the zucchini was in some kind of delicious sauce with queso fresco sprinkles on top. Oh my goodness, so decadent and delicious!

There’s flautas under there!

There was a soccer match on and a real bar, but the Spanish word for that game is fútbol.

What a pretty restaurant!

The meal was made all the more special after a disappointing morning at the VA, and a long line at the UPS store where we went to return the antenna amplifier Dave ordered that wasn’t what he needed. For all the money he’s spent trying to get a decent signal here, we could have just bought a dish or something. 🙄

He had gone to the VA to get a refill on a medication he takes, when they could have told us from the start that they will just mail it to him if he calls. But no, that’s not how the Va operates. We had to go here, then there, than wait here for thirty minutes before someone finally told him that. Ugh. So yeah, lunch was a real treat!

We got back to a very warm motor home, poor doggies panting and badly needing a drink, then we stripped down to shorts until the sun went down. So far, it seems like most days we change clothes from two to three times a day.

Today we went the other direction into town (away from Tucson) to go to Home Depot for more tools to work on the antenna, plus a few other items we needed from Walmart. Dave said by the time we leave here, we’ll have our trips figured down to once a week! I’m ready to stop hemorrhaging money, that’s for sure! By the way, the new fix didn’t work either. He extended the antenna and still cannot get more than a few channels. And nothing wants to stay in long. When it goes out completely for the day, we watch something on Prime.

Today while in town we ate Taco Bell, then for dinner had Hamburger Helper, then I went to Bunco and we had snacks. I’m so full I’m gonna pop!! It’s a god thing I have to do so much walking here. At least I’m burning off a few calories every day! The dumpsters are at the other end of our row, the dog park is a short walk a way, several times a day, the rally house is a decent ten minute walk up the hill, and the central office takes about five to seven minuto walk. Still, there’s a lot of sitting. All night. In the car. Other times when nothing is going on.

We are getting our mail now and Amazon delivers right to our RV, so that is good. We have a PO Box if anyone wants the address while we are here. I need to go get Christmas cards at least to send to friends and family. Not sure what plans are for Christmas yet, but there are things scheduled for around here.

Dave promised to go with me for Friday’s game (Mexican Train) so I’m excited about that! Stay tuned, I never know what is happening next! That’s the joy of this lifestyle!


6 thoughts on “The “F” Word

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better. We haven’t had good Mexican food around here for a long time. There is a restaurant opening soon (I hope it’s good). A couple trips a week during your first big trip doesn’t sound too bad. Enjoy the ride.


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