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“Let’s Take a Walk”

“Let’s take a walk,” he said. I was all in! I’ve been begging him to join me in something, so off we went.

How did I know it would turn into a hike up the mountain, no path, no park, and no hiking boots!

I don’t want to get all sanctimonious on you guys, but did y’all climb a mountain today? Well, I made it halfway up before I freaked out a little about the coming down part. For someone with a bad knee, the going up is the easy part, it’s the coming down part that’s difficult.

Also, on this mountain there is nothing to hold onto or grab if you were to slip and fall. It’s covered in a variety of cacti, and scrub. It’s rocky, steep, and we weren’t on any pre-made path. We just took off up the hill and kept going. Dave went higher than me, but came to a difficult spot and decided not to risk it. I was rooting for him from my paralyzed position, I wouldn’t go up and couldn’t go down yet, not without his hand.

I asked him what would have happened if he had slipped, I wouldn’t have been able to help! Oh, I’d have gotten up there to him, but I don’t have a clue how we would have gotten down! A bit risky, but you can see from the pictures it was worth it for the view!

I wish I had a better camera, I’m sure I could have picked out our motor home from one of these pictures. I like the picture with the dead or dying giant saguaro, it adds color to the landscape. We also realized from our perch, that the mountains across the freeway would be a much more difficult climb! They are even taller than ours!

Time to shop for some backpacks, and some hiking boots! I was wearing cowboy boots and he had on tennis shoes!! But we did it, and I was out of breath and starving when we got back. Now it’s about 3:30, we’ve done nothing else, and it’s cooling down already. Clouds have moved in. It’s movie night at the clubhouse, I wonder if we’ll go? I’ll miss Survivor, but it would be worth it to have him join me again. ☺️

Enjoy the photos.

I sure wish I knew if the blue rock was turquoise or not, I’ll have to ask around because it’s everywhere out there!

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15 thoughts on ““Let’s Take a Walk”

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Very hard & tuf up & down climbing. Very difficult climbing path. It’s Verity of cacti, and scrub. It’s rocky steep. But you and Dave are brave. Bit risky. I like clim a mountain 🏔️.
    But you have to risk & going climbing. Excellent photography, Kim!
    I like all photos ☺️

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  2. 1st of all let me say that I am proud of the both of you for taking the adventure instead of looking at it from the word go and deciding to not even try. So glad that everything worked out because it could have been so much worse. Christina helped to blow up these pictures and, we both got a laugh at your size compared to Dave’s at the cactus! I was also awestruck at the picture of Dave and the resemblance of how much Chris looks like him! So did you get to go to movie night or did you just stay in and watch survivor? Such simple decisions now!

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    • Eh, we stayed in and watched Survivor and the finale of The Amazing Race.
      Yes, I see the resemblance between Chris and Dave so much more now than I used to.
      How are you all doing?
      Today was a do nothing much day. I did some laundry, took a shower (always a challenge) and made a second doggie scarf. It didn’t turn out as cute as Brandy’s but at least I learned something new…how to make a Pom Pom with just yarn and my hand! You tube videos show u how to do anything!

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