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A Visit to Phoenix

Ahhh, yesterday was definitely the best day to visit Tara and her family in Phoenix because we awoke to hard rain and gusty winds around 5am.

But now it’s sunny and bright again! Granted, it’s 45 degrees, but I’ll take that over rain and a rockin RV (and not in a good way)! 😉

We had a short but pleasant visit and the boys even serenaded me with a couple of songs from their upcoming Christmas play tonight!

They aren’t too shy. 🤩

A screen shot of the video I took in case it doesn’t play.
Tara and her hubby, Craig.

Standing in front of our Jeep right before we left, note my drink and dog leash on the ground. They are great parents, totally devoted to those boys! They bike ride as a family, hike, off-road and encourage the boys to think and do for themselves. They are very individual and independent. Logan is a tiny bit more shy than Lucas, the oldest, but he came out of his shell quickly.

We ate lunch together, toured the back yard and their little camper and that was pretty much it for the day. We had some business to attend to and I think they were anxious to go ride before the bad weather rolled in today.


Last night, I watched my church’s production online of the Christmas cantata, which they call the Festival of Carols. It was beautiful as always and I do hope lots of people were watching with me! Patricia and the crew always puts on the best show!


The other day, I was sitting in the chair and Dave was messing around with something that made noise. The next thing you know, the girls were in my lap, posing like they were ready for their close-up. So I asked him to take our pic. Did I already share it with you? If not, here it is.

It was a pretty good I thought. It’s plenty bright in our RV!

Lot’s of people in the northern parts of Arizona woke up to marshmallow blankets on their mountain tops and front lawns this morning. I’m so glad we are down in the valley right now! It’s not cold, according to my ever busy hubby, but the temperature gauge still says 46 degrees, and that’s cold to me! Still, I cracked a window and turned the heater off so he wouldn’t suffocate 🤣 Today, he is stringing a few Christmas lights on the inside of the RV and installing some drawer locks.

Making a mail run here in a bit, I hope the packets of mail my brother sent has already made it here! If not, surely by tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “A Visit to Phoenix

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    So beautiful little boys & Christmas tree picture. So sweet both. Beautiful picture both standing in front his Jeep with cacti. Beautiful weather there.
    Nice you share visit the day. So sweet & preety look with whisky & brandy . That’s weather is cold.
    God bless you 😉
    Tack care 😘.

    Liked by 1 person

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