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Answer Time

Another windless, hazy day, but pleasant temperatures.

Well, it’s time to reveal the answer to the question I left you with on Thursday and the answer is a resounding Yes!

Dave did accompany me to play Mexican Train last night wand we had fun! Maria was at our table and she keeps it quite lively. Dave caught on fast and kept me in line because I think the sugary snacks I had slowed my brain down. They kept catching me off in lala land when it was my turn. 😁

I’m trying to perfect my diction as I work through today’s prompt by the lovely Linda Hill. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dict.” Find a word that contains “dict” and use it in your post. Have fun!

I’m also struggling with my addiction to nicotine, which I get through vaping. I have been trying to get my pods to last 4 days or longer because each pod is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes-so they say. A pack of two is around $10.
Still, it’s not as bad as smoking but when I’m bored, I do it too much. And any time I’m sitting around here, I’m bored. I need to go for a walk when I get like that. Like right now, I am stuffed from our lunch we had in town while we were getting groceries and other supplies we needed. Lights for the canopy, drawer locks for when we move the bus again, and a few Christmas cards to send friends and family.

Maybe next time I’ll ask permission to take a few new friend’s photos so you’ll have faces to go with the names. There are people from all over the world here, from Canada to as far away as Newfoundland! Can you imagine driving for 60 days straight?? Not me!!

We just got new neighbors and they are from Minnesota. The lady was in shorts like me, but the sun is about to dip below the peak again so that means if I don’t walk soon, it’s going to be time to change clothes again! My prediction is that I’m not going to make it! Dave is napping and I’m going to take this time to go try to hang up some pictures while he is asleep. 😁

Tomorrow we go to Phoenix to visit our niece, Tara and her family. Stay tuned for news from that and hopefully pictures! (If I don’t get so busy visiting that I forget).


18 thoughts on “Answer Time

    • Thank you!
      I used to use messy tanks and oils when I first started vaping, then switched to a Juul device, but the battery always wore out and so now we use Njoy. You can get the rechargeable battery base and buy the pods separately.

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      • Long back my father used to smoke then one day he saw a person suffering from lung cancer. He said it was terrible. That same day he stopped smoking. Cancer need not happen to everyone but he was scared. His brother-in-law used 5o smoke a lot but he did not get cancer and died due to old age. It is all in the mind d 😊

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      • I hope so, and I will quit this soon as I make up my mind to. When I quit smoking, I did it by turning to vaping. Never smoked another cigarette. I need to get that addicted to exercise and that can replace vaping!

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  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful picture. Nice you share your active & Play Maxican train at night.
    What your addiction. What you have get vaping? What & which you have get nicotine ? Why? where you celebration Christmas?
    Tack care 😘.God bless you!

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