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Game Night Nixed for Repairs

And here we are again with another reason life in an RV isn’t always wine and roses!

Repairs are to be expected, but right at dinner time…and on game night? Jeez!

Yep. There is never a good time to find a leak. Or something broken. Especially after the money we spent to get the rig checked out thoroughly before we ever hit the road! 😡

Dave was getting something out of the basement and noticed the walls and floor were wet. Then he came inside and looked under the sink and pulled out the drawers and saw that something in one of the lines was leaking. In fact, one of the fittings wasn’t even connected. No telling how long it’s been leaking. He had mentioned that the basement always seemed wet after it rained, or so he thought. Now we know the real reason! Ugh!

To get to these pipes, he had to take out the drawers and dismantle the slats and rails that support them. There is no other way to get to these particular pipes. We aren’t sure what they are even for! The pipes to the sink are under the actual sink. It’s like there was supposed to be a dishwasher or something and they changed their minds.

A better look at the pipes before he removed the supporting wood frame.

Then he had to try to squeeze his 6ft frame in that small opening to reach all the way to the back. Finally, I went through the drawer opening and held the pipe with a wrench while he went under the sink and through the drawer opening to do the repair. We think it has stopped, but may call the repair shop to send someone out, or even the on site repair guy to come check it out and make sure it all looks ok. Then again, if it’s still dry in the morning, we may not have to. This is why it’s good to take a course on RV Repair, and I know just the course! The National RV Training Academy.

This is not a plug for them in any way, of course, because we have not taken it yet, but Dave was already talking about doing it. That way, he will not only know how to fix our rig, but will be certified to repair other people’s rigs. That could be a source of income if necessary down the road! I believe the course is around $300, not bad considering he could make that back real quick.

Needless to say, supper was delayed and the game had to be nixed because by the time we were done, it was after 6pm and that’s when Mexican Train starts. I told myself it was ok, I’d rather have been here to help if he needed me, after all, we’re in this together! It’s a good feeling to be useful, even if it’s something small.

Look at this situation! He was a literal pretzel for a while.

He was sweating and worn out and still had trouble reaching and had to do it by feel. That’s why I had to get in and hold the wrench, so he could properly twist the fitting tight after reconnecting it. Had someone been videoing the event, it would have looked quite comical. There is very little room to work, or move all that we had to take out. Since we decided to leave it open for the night so we can recheck it in the morning, the drawers are on the floor in front of the Captain’s chair, and the rails and supports are sitting loose in the cabinet under the cabinet where the drawers go.

He gets a high five 🙌🏻 from me for not losing his cool through it all, and being the general handyman I married. ☺️


13 thoughts on “Game Night Nixed for Repairs

  1. I am totally impressed, good job Dave and good teamwork on the part of both of you. What is really impressive to you is that you are thinking of ways to always stay financially ahead of the game!


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