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RV Life Isn’t Always Sweet

After a night of no sleep, I might be a bit on the hanchy side this morning, but I’m going to join in Ritu’s prompt today for JusJoJan

Ahhhh, life on the open road! It’s a dream many have but not all are fond of as I read earlier in an article about some YouTubers that couldn’t hack it. Well, to be fair, they made every rookie mistake!

  1. Buying the wrong RV for their needs
  2. Not planning their trips.
  3. They didn’t look into RV Discount Clubs, so consequently, they ended up spending too much money for RV parks.
  4. They were not ready for the life away from friends and family.
  5. They did not learn any RV maintenance and got stuck paying for expensive repairs.

These mistakes and others can have a negative impact on the whole RVing experience.

But even when you do all the above right, there are times when life in an RV is not so sweet. Take, for instance, sleeping with pets. It’s a habit we started at home, so we can’t very well kick them out now. Also, my husband is a snorer. No place to get away from that in an RV, even with the doors separating the rooms closed. My sleep gummies that I’ve been using lately ( no THC, just CBD +CBN & valerian) only work if you stay asleep. If you’ve awakened for whatever reason, that’s it!

So there I was at about 1:30 am, tossing and turning. Dave and Whiskey both snoring like a couple of freight trains, along with the actual freight trains, so I got up and went to the living room with my pillow, glasses, and iPad. I figured I would read until I got sleepy. But I was freezing in there. I thought I could stick it out without turning on the heat or stealing the electric space heater, but nope. Even with a sweater on wrapped up like a burrito in my blanket, sleep would not come. So I read off and on between bouts of attempts to sleep and finally dozed off sometime after 5am. Only to be awakened by my stupid alarm (why is that still set??) at 6am!

Ugh! More tossing and turning, more reading. On top of all that, I had this ridiculous ear worm running through my head non-stop; I’m Not Lisa- remember that one?? Only because we’d heard it earlier on the radio. 😩 Finally I grabbed the heater because I figured they were roasting in there, and turned on the central heat. Now the lights started peeking through the blinds and every electronic thing we own has lights that shine or blink on and off all night. Top that with my super sensitive ears, and it’s hopeless. I dozed off again and then the space heater started beeping at me because it had been set on high and got too hot. Oy vey! Throw in the fact that I had to get up and pee three different times and you can imagine how I’m feeling right about now. Tired and grouchy.

Even when we’ve prepared and taken the dogs to use the bathroom before bed, they sometimes wake us up in the night. Maybe they get hot, or restless. Who knows, but it’s no fun. Someone has to get partially dressed and deal with them. So we usually take turns. Not to mention, it’s hell on one’s sex life. I know, TMI! Sorry! Just telling it like it is!

These and other problems like boredom, the close space you have to share isn’t all wine and roses, but we still like it enough so far to hang in there and see what else this life has to offer. We still have so many places we want to see and experiences we want to have and share! I’m sure I’m not the only one in the relationship that has a gripe btw, Dave is just too nice to spill his guts like I am. But you all are such good friends and listeners, I just have to be honest and tell it like it is. If you’re considering this lifestyle, do your research and take all these things I’ve mentioned into account. I’ll tell you what though, I’m ready for San Diego where I can move around in a real house for 4 days! ☺️😘


13 thoughts on “RV Life Isn’t Always Sweet

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Lovely shar your experience for RV living life story. Really true your think open road in your RV.
    Very interesting telling your story.


  2. Giving the good with the bad. Thanks!

    Ugh! I can’t imagine the tight living during wake up O’thirty. I feel I have similar issues but at least I can cozy-up on the recliner for a while. I can’t sleep in it. But it gives another position to read until I feel sleep might come with me when I head back to bed.

    We finally got Kali in her own little bed next to our bed. But only because she kept falling off our bed. I wish I could have accomplished that when she was younger. Waking to a wet bed isn’t fun. Now she gets up find a piddle pad and then heads back to get bed.

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      • I wish it would have work when she was younger. But now that her back legs don’t work and she has doggy Alzheimer’s we’ve been forced to make this compromise. And this is only our 4th night. I miss the snuggles. Not the wet or worry of falling.


  3. I think that I might have suggested before to you but have you tried magnessium. I have weaned myself off of them because I no longer have difficulty falling or staying asleep. I took 1000mg before bed about half hour to 15 minutes and knocked me right out. Slept most nights straight thru. Mom says if you find 2 don’t work add a 3rd. I rarely found necessary. And magnessium is something that you need anyways. 🙂 I love reading your stories but silly you are not use to cool temps don’t freeze to be kind lol it will not let you sleep. 🙂

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  4. It is apparent that you have done or homework about living in an RV! There will always be those twisted trunk stories though, but I think that you both are handling them greatly! When you cannot get comfortable a good temperature it makes it hard! That is my problem! My new PCP had me take an ultrasound of my legs and feet. The blood flow is harder going down and traveling back Up on my left leg then my right. Her suggestion was for me to keep wearing my flight compression socks, and to be sure to elevate my feet more. Is magnesium in OTC?. Hearing that ladies speak about them to help her sleep! I go to see my PCP again in March and will suggest it to her maybe? She is holistic.

    It has been about 20 years ago but I have played bocce ball before? It was just on the regular yard though. It was fun! There was a guy with FA who played bocce ball in the Paralympic games and wanted me to be his partner! I would have gotten to see some great sites outside of the US. I do not remember what happened, but it did not work out. He and I are both to progress to do anything like that anymore.

    Will you be staying in an air B&B in San Diego? So will you be keeping the RV in Arizona and driving the Jeep to San Diego? I think it is good to break up the journey for a few days because of the boredom and the fact that you will be seeing different places. She down like


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