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A Visit to Encinitas and OB Main Drag

The dogs were in such a state last night, we decided they must be suffering from anxiety, so we took them out and about first this morning and visited the beach at Cardiff by the Sea in Encinitas, and a dog park so they could enjoy some grass, then brought them back to nap while we searched for lunch somewhere.

Dogs not allowed here. Too bad!

We tried to walk along the beach close to the dune, and we were not dressed for that so when the tide almost washed over our shoes, we scampered for higher ground and gave up on that idea. We had tried to find a better beach, but that one said dogs weren’t allowed. We did take off on a whim without researching anything first, so it was our fault. Even the dog park was not what we wanted. We wanted a leash free park but went to a dog friendly park- no fence though. By that time, our stomachs were rumbling, so we took them home and set off to find some pizza somewhere not too far.

The beach we tried to walk near.

By car we drove to Bacon St. and discovered an area full of shops, restaurants, street vendors, barefoot hippies selling their wares in open-air markets and so much more. We ate our pizza, stopped in a few shops, and walked for blocks and blocks trying to find me some gelato. The smell of incense was everywhere, and kids in dreadlocks played musical instruments on the sidewalk hoping for some change. By kids I mean young adults. I wanted to take pictures, but didn’t want to offend anyone. This area was home to surf shops, skaters, and stoners…it was so obvious! All the places we visited, the proprietors looked stoned. Just their eyes. They knew their jobs however, and how to make that money. One of the shops was an actual grocery store, kind of like Sprouts, with a liquor store and deli. Crazy the combos around here!

Cool mural of Hendrix and Cash
Came across this beauty on the way back to the car. Someone did some work!
Some stickers we bought next to the cool rock I managed to snag.
I’m easy to please. 😆 So happy with my rock.

Finally we found a yogurt shop that said they sold gelato, but I think what I got was fro-yo, but it was delicious and seemed to settle my stomach. Let’s just say the Mexican food yesterday was a baaaad idea!

Dave and I shared two scoops of what turned out to be mocha with salted chocolate bits, but I asked for salted Carmel gelato. No matter, like I said, delicious! The slice of pizza for lunch was equally good, thin crust, with sausage, meatball, and pepperoni from Luigi’s Pizza. It had a bar, but we had a sprite.

We may venture out again and go down to the harbor so Dave can get a picture in front of MCRD by a monument. The sun felt good, but near the water it’s cool and windy, so jackets are necessary. We saw a bare-chested lad riding a bike down the street while playing a guitar! I’m telling you- stoners! They had to be! It’s way to chilly for near nakedness. 🤣😂

Woven blankets, wire wrapped stones and crystals, CBD shops full of glassware, and folks playing banjos, guitars, mandolins and dogs with everyone…that’s just some of what we saw. There’s also a mini-Target, a hostel, shops with open-air terraces, shops full of dragon statues, alongside BBQ restaurants, bars, tattoo shops and candy stores. Whatever you want, you could find it down there in about 4 square blocks. As we were leaving, they were setting up for a farmers market that they have every Wednesday. A man with a bullhorn announced that cars still on the street by 2:30 would be towed, so move it or lose it! You gotta love this place!


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