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Saved by El Paisa

Today was a misty, rainy mess of a day, but we redeemed it with a great meal- recommended by our friends Julie and Wes Allen.

I also walked the neighborhood and took pics of the beautiful plants and flowers that thrive in this climate.

Is this periwinkle? Looks close!

I don’t know what this plant is, but it smells wonderful! Almost a lemony, piney smell. Tiny lavender/blueish flowers-periwinkle? Adorn the entire shrub. I saw it everywhere we went in the city, as well as this one, the Bird of Paradise.

Gorgeous bird shaped blooms.

I wondered if this is the state flower because they are so plentiful. So many varieties of palm trees, succulents, and roses that grow year round are in almost every home”s yards.

I don’t know what the names are for any of these plants except the palms. Does anyone know if the last pic is a fruit or what? It’s growing atop the fence separating the property where we are staying this week.

We tried to go see some ships and things in Harbor Park, but the weather would not cooperate. We did, however, stop at La Jolla Beach and watch some crazy surfers in wet suits taking on the 7-9ft waves that the storms have stirred up. Luckily for us, but unfortunately for millions of others, the worst weather is up north in places like Sacramento and others. Dave took som video but they are too long and he hasn’t edited them yet.

I did take pictures of a big yacht and what I think is a ferry or transport ship of some sort.

Wish this was mine!

Huge ship! Not sure what it is.

Finally, the redeemer of the day was El Paisa Fresh Mexican Grill! What an excellent recommendation! It was delicious, and affordable for a sit down/drive through eating establishment. I chose one of the day’s specials, Al pastor street tacos-$3 per taco! And a yummy strawberry margarita with real fruit and rimmed with that spicy 🌶 chili/lime spice. David chose enchiladas and a large Chelada beer.

Pretty and delicious!
Tasty and chewy with bits of real strawberries.

I wish it had been a warmer day because the drink was frió and the spice was caliente 🔥 My poor chapped lips were on fire for over an hour!

I hated to come back to the house and sit around after that meal, but the dogs had to be checked on and the rain made it difficult to do anything fun but drive around burning gas. So we did. After a bit, I was so full it was painful, so I walked around the block. Half of the walk is a steep incline and I had to stop and catch my breath before I got to the top. I’m out of shape I guess!

I should have gone around again, but didn’t want Dave to find me passed out on the sidewalk, so I returned to the house. Not before taking this shot of the view down the alley between the houses.

This is an alley, not a street!

So the day wasn’t a total loss, and tomorrow promises to be sunny! Can’t wait to see what we get into then!


4 thoughts on “Saved by El Paisa

  1. Gala Brown says:

    I love the bird of paradise, it’s so elegant❤️, sounds like a nice day after all. I know yall are enjoying being near the water. Hope yall have a funfilled day tomorrow with lots of sunshine☀️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful all flowers. I like flower. It’s flower is like birds. Amazing flowers look birds.
    Congratulations!I wish you to have a ship. Ones day i can travel in ship.
    Delicious dish.
    Enjoyed the Sunny day, Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

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