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You Can Do This!

Having a positive attitude is what keeps me going in this and every endeavor I take on.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 16th 2023, is “optimism.” Use the word “optimism” any way you’d like. Have fun!

And if you have every considered living life on your own terms, traveling to interesting destinations, and/or working from the road, you have to see this movie made by and for people that want to live the RV Life!

This is the full-length movie made back in 2018 by some of my favorite bloggers (Drivin and Vibin) (Morton’s on the Move) and others I’d never seen before. Their optimism is refreshing and contagious. I can’t imagine how antsy I would have been to start this lifestyle had I just seen this movie way back when. Of course, all the stats they quote have probably doubled by now, but they are so spot on when they say that this lifestyle is a movement. Millions of people now live and work from the comfort of their homes on wheels.

(PS: I’m not getting anything out of this, I just wanted to share it.)

And since it’s another cool, rainy day that we are probably going to spend inside, I thought why not share these pro’s bits of wisdom and way of life for anyone considering this lifestyle?

I spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube about RVLife, but this movie delves into these bloggers, campers, and nomads personal stories of the joys and challenges they faced in each one of their journeys. Some are just a couple, some are families, and some are retirees, but the one thing they all have in common is a l”can do” attitude and a will to live life by their own rules and reject the box that most people live their lives in. Some saved all of their lives to make it happen, yet others continue to work from the road to fund their dream. Yet they all have the most positive attitude, even though they also share that there will be problems, it’s how you deal with them that will make or break your journey.

Maybe someday I’ll have my own YouTube channel, but for now, I’m happy just sharing our experiences and the places we travel to. I get my tips from the pros, but someday when we’ve been doing this a few years, I’m sure we will have tips of our own to share.

Grab some popcorn and sit back, relax, and prepare to be enchanted as you dream of owning your own motor home or RV someday!


10 thoughts on “You Can Do This!

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    I hope you shar your RV traveling experience.
    You recommend the RV Nomads movie. I watch some part. I like. Some family, some couple traveling living life in RV. Nice you think, you shar to owne YouTube channel your RV traveling experience. I like
    Enjoyed your day .

    Liked by 1 person

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