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Sick Puppy

Our pretty Brandy

This morning as I was walking into the living room in the dark to shut off the stupid alarm on my watch, I stepped in something cold and gross.

Yes, it was vomit, unfortunately. This coupled with the way Brandy has been acting lately made us finally decide, it’s time to call the vet. Dave decided to take her and let me stay back with Whiskey so she wouldn’t freak out. Plus, she’s a pain in the butt in the car, and we didn’t know if she’d be allowed in the vets office if she wasn’t being seen.

This is one of the expensive things that can happen to you as a full-time RVer and we don’t have pet insurance. I wish we did now. The bill was over $500!! They had to take labs, prescribe medication, and she may not be done with her yet. Ugh! Turns out, she could have pancreatitis, or acid reflux, and on top of that, she has a heart murmur.

Looking pretty on a good day.

We knew she wasn’t feeling good because besides the occasional puking, she has been trembling, shaking, panting, and generally acting like she is nauseous and/or disoriented.Then at other times, she acts totally fine. She isn’t that concerned about the heart murmur, but pancreatitis can be serious, so she gave her two medications for that and one for acid reflux. When the labs come back, she will have more answers. Hopefully we hear back Monday, but that is also a traveling day. That is the day we are headed to the new resort near Yuma.

I’ll have to keep you posted on all that, but so far, she looks like she’s feeling a tiny bit better. She ate a good dinner, and our sweet neighbor, Darcy, gave me some jerky treats to help them clean their teeth…but they just think they taste great. The minute I came home with them they danced around until after they ate dinner, which is when I promised they could have a piece. They are the size of a strip of bacon, so I had Dave cut them into bite-size pieces so they will last longer. I was shocked that she hadn’t gained weight, because I had a hard time lifting her onto the bed last night. Maybe I’m getting soft and mushy. Maybe I need to lift weights or something 🤣

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 19th 2023, is “complaint.” Use the word “complaint” any way you’d like. Have fun!

So in the complaint department, since that is the JJJ prompt for today, it’s the cost of a vet, and how about these reruns on TV? I was SO looking forward to my favorite comedy tonight (Ghosts) only to find out it was a rerun. 😡

Annnd, not only do we have to give Brandy her pills with no cheese or anything, we have to dissolve one in a syringe and get her to swallow the nasty stuff. Ugh! Dave handled it tonight, but I may have to do it sometime too. Not looking forward to that!


7 thoughts on “Sick Puppy

  1. Aww, I’m so sorry sweet Brandy isn’t feeling well. Jernee has acid reflux/GERD, and is prone to hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, so I understand. Those vet bills are never inexpensive. I hope she gets better soon!

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  2. I hope Brandy starts feeling better.

    Our dog had to have medicine (pills) every day (twice a day). My wife would always have a syringe and a cup of water. She gave her some water first, and then followed the medicine with more water. She always swallowed the water better, so we figured everything was getting down. Also, she grew to like it, so on the days she wasn’t drinking enough, the syringe helped keep her hydrated. Good luck!

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