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Bloganuary 1-20-23

Today’s topic for Bloganuary is: What irritates you about the home you live in?

We now live in a 37ft motor home. So this is our house, per se. For the next 5-7 years, or however long we can financially afford it, and still love the lifestyle.

If I were to address what irritates me, I guess I’d have to say that the cabinets are so high. If I want to reach a particular cabinet, I have to use a step stool. So, I try to put the most often used items in the cabinets I can reach. Of course, the other thing is that space is limited. To move along the sides of our bed, we have to side step because we don’t fit walking one foot in front of the other, like normal. The stove is small, but adequate once you get used to cooking in it. Not fit to cook a three-course meal or anything, but with other tools, we make it work.

The shower is tiny and the pressure isn’t very hard. However, I’d rather shower in my own home than lug all my things to the showers provided by the resort where we’re staying. I have done it though. Once, or twice when we had water issues I went to the shower room. Dave figured out the temperature and pressure issues, and it’s all better now, such as it is.

You must decide what you can live with as far as stuff. We left a four bedroom house so we had to put a lot in storage, sell some, and give away some. We tried to be smart about what we brought, but of course we’ve had to buy a few things that we needed and didn’t bring. The reason we didn’t sell everything is because some day, we may go back to a sticks and bricks house. We wouldn’t want to have to buy all of that again. I also brought a few things we haven’t needed or used yet, but there will come a time.

So I would say the real answer to the question is the design of our motor home, but for the deal we got, I’m still happy with it and it works fine for us for the time being. Someday, we may want to upgrade or trade this one in for a better model, but not now. If we get innovative, we can diy a lot of things like changing out furniture, upgrading blinds and such. Right now though, we are making everything work just fine. Of course, the little irritations don’t discount the many reasons we love this lifestyle we’ve chosen.

The choice to change our location and views anytime we want, traveling to new places or favorite destinations and the other freedoms we enjoy totally make up for any small irritation we deal with. Of course, we haven’t had anything major break yet…that may cause us to rethink the whole ball of wax. Let’s pray that never happens!


9 thoughts on “Bloganuary 1-20-23

  1. GALA R BROWN says:

    Make the best of it and enjoy life while you’re still able. I can’t wait to beable to travel and not be on a schedule. Life is too short. Thanks for all the tips and information my friend❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rajkkhoja says:

    Very nice you shar your motor Home travel trip & shar your experience.
    But I ask you now life time live in motor Home. ?
    I hope RV living is very diffecult.
    God bless 💖,Kim!


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