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Just in Time

I made it in time to bowl today!

My teammate, Brenda, and her opponent, Robert were up first.

I knew bowling was on the schedule today, but by the time Dave and I got back from doing some running around, it was 1:00 and I needed some lunch. After a quick hot dog, I decided I was probably too late to bowl today, but walked down to the activities center to sign up for Friday, because the games fill up fast. Well, the manager came in just as I was doing that, said bowling was cancelled for Friday and called Steve to see if he could fit me in. I was just in time! In fact, I had 15 minutes to kill, so I went in the craft room and tried to work on a puzzle someone had started while I waited.

The bowling alley is a pretty new two-lane alley and as it turned out, there was only four of us playing, so Brenda and I were one team and Robert and Gary were the other. In addition to the bowling, when you knocked down the pin with the black tag on it, you got a poker card. If you get a run, you win money. I had too many wayward balls to do any good at anything, but I still had fun. I’m out of practice, and my shoes were so stiff, I was worried about slipping. I didn’t want to fall on my butt in front of everyone! I made a couple of decent shots, but not ne strike. Oh well.

I remember being in the service and bowling for 4 hours at a time many nights of the week. I was pretty good back then, but I was also young and in great shape! Man, how things have changed. I was embarrassed at all my gutter balls, but they were nothing but friendly and supportive. 😀 I finally found the weight of ball I liked, it was 9lbs, I just wish I could have found my rhythm. Maybe next week! Steve runs the alley and told me beer or shots of Fireball were free! Well, number one, I don’t drink beer, and two, the thought of drinking Fireball in the middle of the day had me questioning wether it was a good idea. I did share with Steve that what is really tasty is a shot of Fireball in an apple cider.

Well, he didn’t have that, but asked me if I wanted to try something good. He hands me a shot-sized Solo cup with butterscotch schnapps and fireball mixed together and it was indeed delicious 😋 I didn’t think I would have any more and have a hard time walking home, but indeed I did (just one more) before the games were over. Unfortunately, it didn’t improve my game at all. 🔥


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